Graphtec FC2200-90/EX

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This is a flatbed vinyl cutter and plotter. It works.

Graphtec fc2200.gif


  • Create/import a file in Inkscape
  • Select all
  • Path > Object To Path
  • File > Save A Copy> choose .plt extension
    • Must have Uniconverter installed
      • Uniconverter is installed on the Thinkstation in the Fab Lab and on a number of the laptops
  • File > Save A Copy> choose .hpgl extension
    • Make sure that "Tool offset correction" is set to 0 or your cut will be very bad.
  • On the computer, put the file into the CUT_NOW folder on the desktop.
    • Username and password are both 'maker'
  • Once there double-click the 'Run Vinyl Cutter' shortcut.
    • It will choose the first file in the folder, so make sure yours is the only one
      • Cut will not start if the machine is in 'view' or 'test' mode.
    • Once done it will be moved to the CUT_DONE folder with the same name.
      • It WILL overwrite files with the same name.


Small Blade (Blue Knob)

Cutter Offset: 17

Starting point for vinyl:

  • Stickout: 0.2mm
  • Force:18
  • Speed:10
  • Quality:1


  • After saving the PLT file open it up in Inkscape to verify the output looks right. If there are issues, go back to the source file and save it as a PDF. Open the PDF in Inkscape and then save as PLT. This has fixed all of the conversion issues we have run into so far.

Test Files