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Below are the default slicer profiles for the 3d printers at MakeICT.


To use these files:

  1. Download PrusaSlicer
    • From the section labeled "Drivers & Apps"
  2. Run the installer
    • Select only the first option, unless you want to install other components

Vendor Profiles

This will replace all default Prusa profiles with settings for the MakeICT printers. Use this option if you do not use PrusaSlicer for your own printers, and you want to get updates automatically.

  1. Download latest vendor settings here: MakeICT vendor settings
  2. Extract the Zip file
  3. Replace the contents of the vendor folder for your PrusaSlic3r installation with the contents of the zip file
    • Windows: %APPDATA%/PrusaSlicer/vendor
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/PrusaSlicer/vendor
    • Linux: ~/.PrusaSlicer/vendor

Config Bundle

This will add additional profiles to PrusaSlicer, but will not remove any that you have currently. These profiles will not update automatically, so you will need to periodically download updates.

  1. Download latest config bundle here: PrusaSlicer_config_bundle_08-21-19.ini
  2. File -> Import -> Import Config Bundle
  3. Select downloaded config file
  4. Check back here for updates