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Because of MakeICT's growth, we are running out of space. In an effort to cut down on things that prevent working in the space, as well as a few cases where things which may cost to be disposed of have been left at MakeICT, we are instituting the following policies at MakeICT:

Donation policy

Items may be offered for donation to the space or members. If so, they must fit on a designated shelf near the back door, or other area designated. They are not to be left anywhere else in the space.They must have your name, email or phone number, the date left, a notice if only intending to donate to MakeICT only or also offering it to other members, and if the donation may be sold by MakeICT or not. If a donation is accepted by MakeICT, by a board member or Area Lead, then you will be emailed about it, and the donation will be recorded electronically, and a letter sent (if requested, for tax purposes). If an otherwise anonymous donation is desired, please contact a board member. MakeICT will not send out letters for tax purposes, unless this procedure is followed, or it is arranged in advance of the donation. In the event that a donation has conditions, it must be approved by the board of directors, please contact a board member.

If the item is not accepted, the person who left it will be responsible for removing it from the table and MakeICT after 2 weeks. If an item is problematic, you may be contacted to remove it earlier. If it is left for anyone, or someone specifically, and they do not pick it up, the person who left it is responsible. In the event that it is not removed in a timely manner, and MakeICT has to dispose of it, the person dropping it off may be charged for any disposal cost incurred by MakeICT.

Items prohibited, without prior approval: Anything containing hazardous material. CRTs, Large items which prevent the shelf from being used for other items. Please check the wiki at Prohibited Items for Donation as restrictions may be added to this as needed. If there is a question, you can ask about it on the forum ( or sending an email to .

Hackables policy

Items donated to the space may be designated as hackables, in which case, they are intended to be hacked, taken apart for parts to use in projects, or otherwise used by members. The one restriction is that hackables shall not be taken simply to be resold. Any area may have a hackables area, which will be clearly designated. Unless designated for specific types of things, and places, hackables are not to be added directly to an area, and should follow the Donation policy. Check the wiki page for the area to see the hackables allowed to be directly added to an area. If you wish to receive a letter for tax purposes about a donation, the donation must follow the donation policy.

Approved by the board on February 20, 2017