2018 Elections - Ballot

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Note: The elected officials will be noted with an X in the left column.


Elected Candidate Q&A
Kim Burton [1]
Joel Gutierrez [2]

Vice President

Elected Candidate Q&A
Jeremiah Burian [3]
LaDeana Dockery
Malissa Long [4]
Ken Steadman


Elected Candidate Q&A
David Springs [5]


| Ken Steadman

At-Large Directors (Can Have 4)

Elected Candidate Q&A
Rustin Atkeisson
Jeremiah Burian [6]
Dean Day
LaDeana Dockery
Jeff Eck
Devin Halsey
James Lancaster
Zac Lenhardt
Malissa Long [7]
Paul Maseberg [8]
Scott Sullivan [9]
Ken Steadman