April 18 2019

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Roll Call

Board Members

  • President - Kim Burton
  • Vice President - LaDeana Dockery
  • Treasurer - David Springs
  • Secretary - Ken Steadman
  • At Large Director - Barb Davis
  • At Large Director - Rustin Atkeisson
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long
  • At Large Director - James Lancaster


Standing Items

  • Thanks & recognition
  • Safety and security
  • Treasurer's report

New Business

Strategic planning

Proposed policy discussion

  • Member meeting procedures
    • Who else should have the right to call a member meeting?

Educational Program Updates

May 23 - How to teach a class

Statistics posted to https://talk.makeict.org/t/education-stats/3084

Upcoming Events

What's needed for makerfaire?

NOMCON funds (June 14th-16th‎)

Annual Meeting

Last year's proposal was:

  • May 18 call for nominations & questions (actually happened May 11, people were antsy) [1]
  • June 9 deadline for questions
  • June 16 Annual Meeting

Kim is working a partnership with Museum of World Treasures to trade for space.

Avoid Father's day June 16, NOMCON June 14th-16th‎, avoid Riverfest May 31-June 8, Kim will be out of town June 22 and on

Election committee needed two weeks out, per Voting policy.

Old Business

Is the bus on auction yet?

Strategic Planning



Committee Reports

Requested items from each committee:

  • Accomplishments this month
  • Upcoming goals
  • Where do you need help/how to get involved?

IT - Tom Bloom

Decision last month was to pay for wild apricot for a year

Membership (and Community outreach) - Shannon Fisher

Shannon requested a few minutes to discuss volunteer recruitment

Creator Showroom - Dean Day

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - LaDeana Dockery

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman

Scholarships- Nick Endicott

Outreach (and Education) - Daryl Goad

Fundraising- Meghan Iacuzzi

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - Nicole Kirkhart

Building committee

  • School tours and task list

Decision Summary

    Task Summary