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#REDIRECT [[Category:Area Lead]]
#REDIRECT [[Category:Area Lead]]
Benevolent Dictators are volunteers that head up individual areas of the MakeICT makerspace. They work directly with members to assess area wants/needs, and work directly with other MakeICT leaders to communicate those needs and satisfy them. BD's work to ensure their respective areas are safe, stocked, and ready to make. They take ownership and responsibility for the culture, equipment, and activities within their area. BD's decide what activities and equipment belong within their area, and any rules or policies that need to be followed.
Official duties include:
* Developing a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing within each space
* Connecting instructors to the leadership team to schedule certifications, workshops, and classes
* Acquiring equipment/tools/supplies based on member needs using a budget from member funds, and ensuring items are usable
* Creating/maintaining [[Machine Access|access policies]] for their area
* Appointing at least one [[Deputy]] to assist in these duties
BD's are appointed by the MakeICT board and serve 1 year terms from January 1 to December 31. When considering candidates, the following traits are considered:
* Ability to work with others and approachability
* Subject knowledge
* Organizational skills
* Personal responsibility
* Community awareness
BD's report to the [[Makerspace Program Director]].
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