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Gift cards are a great way to share the love of MakeICT. If you're interested in buying a gift card for a friend, refer to our website under "membership": - it has a place for payments and a PDF instruction sheet to print out for the recipient

This page is for members with access to the space to understand our insider gift card process.

Making a gift card

Gift cards can only be made by people with access to the scanner logs.

  1. Use the badge printer at the front desk computer to print the front and back of the gift card. The templates are on the computer. We should really save them to this wiki.
  2. Scan each gift card to get the ID off it. Grab a payment envelope. Write the ID on the envelope.
  3. Put the gift card in the envelope.
  4. Put the envelope in the desk drawer. There are usually a half dozen or so in there, so even if you don't have access to the logs you can sell a gift card.

Selling a gift card

  1. Get a gift card payment envelope out of the desk
  2. Give the plastic gift card to the buyer/giver
  3. Put the gift card money in the envelope that you just took the card out of, or if it was paid for online just write the paypal address and transaction date on the envelope. Since the gift card ID is written on the envelope, we will be able to connect that money with that gift card as soon as someone brings the card in.
  4. Put the payment envelope in the payment box.
  5. Treasurer will apply the payment when the gift card recipient shows up and asks for it to be applied (ie, wants to join).

Giving a gift card

  1. Print out the recipient's instruction sheet:
  2. Give it to them, either with or without the gift card.
  3. The actual cards are just a nice thing to open. If you paid online and printed out the sheet and it has the giver/receiver/transaction date, our treasurer can use that information to apply the payment to the new member's account.
  4. The gift card recipient has to do all the things that a normal new member has to do - show up for orientation, sign up for safety classes, apply for a key, etc. These steps are on the gift card instruction sheet or you can just tell them about it. Basically they have a card in their hand, but it doesn't mean anything until they show up and start talking to us. But really you can't do anything at MakeICT without talking to us, since that's what a collaborative makerspace is, so this should not be a big deal.
  5. Like all things, the treasurer can fix anything and is a magical person who we love. Email for questions. Since Kim helped start a lot of this you can also email