June 21 2018

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Roll Call

  • Previous Board Members
    • President - Kim Burton
    • Vice President - James Lancaster
    • Treasurer - David Springs
    • Secretary - Rustin Atkeisson
    • At Large Director - LaDeana Dockery
    • At Large Director - Kip Landwehr
    • At Large Director - Malissa Long
    • At Large Director - Kez Cook
  • Current Board Members
    • From the bylaws: Each elected director shall serve from the time of their election at the annual meeting until the following annual meeting (1 year)
    • Future bylaws revision should really include a more logical transition period (ie, July 1)
  • Members

Standing Items

  • Treasurer's report
    • Cashflow was presented at the annual meeting
  • Previous minutes
    • May 4 2018 - not on the wiki yet
    • May 21 2018
  • Safety & security
    • Review/disclose any recent concerns about safety and security
  • Thanks & recognition
    • Tons of riverfest volunteers!
      • Barb Davis is a most amazing person
      • Kim Burton
      • Patrick Hutchison
      • LaDeana Dockery
      • Malissa Long
      • Rhonda Davis
      • Mark Esau
      • Krissie Lagana
      • Trysten Jones
      • Drew Holler
      • David Span

New Business


  • Ken Steadman has been nominated as security lead
  • Has membership form been updated per our last resolution? [IT]
  • Proposal that we notify members when keys are revoked


  • DevICT/KLF moving out progress
  • Makerspace
    • Insurance questions were brought up at the last meeting (how do we count people, ages, etc) David Springs to report out on any meetings with our insurers
    • Mark Satoria has been nominated as ERP area lead

Lake Afton Observatory Partnership

  • James Lancaster to write up proposal.
    • @TODO (James, no date): write proposal for partnership with Lake Afton Observatory.

Education Workgroup

Offsite equipment

Annual meeting planning

  • How did it go?

Committee Reports

Committee signup is at http://bit.ly/makeict11


  • Finance (David)
    • Where are new building funds allocated?
  • New Building
  • Special Projects (Mike)
  • Membership and Events (LaDeana)
    • How did NOMCON Santa Fe go?
    • Who wants to give membership stats, membership or treasurer?
  • IT (Christian K)
  • Security (David S)
  • Scholarships (Kim)
  • Outreach (Barb)
  • Makerfaire (James S)
  • Fundraising/Donor recognition (Paul M)
  • Communications (James L)
  • Showroom (Dean D)

Decision Summary

    Task Summary