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MakeICT is run entirely by volunteers. Visit http://makeict.org/volunteer to see our latest opportunities!
MakeICT is operated entirely by member-volunteers, so there are many ways that you can be involved with MakeICT at whatever level you're looking for.
= Around the makerspace =
Here's a list of tasks that need to be done around the makerspace
== Shared areas / general ==
* Classroom
Sweep floor
Clean tables
* Front/Co-Working Space
* Gallery
* Lounge
* Front Door Area
Vacuum floors
Clean tables
== Ceramics ==
* Create access policy
== Electronics ==
* Label drawers, bins, tool boxes, shelves, etc
* Create access policy
== Fab Lab ==
* Wrap all tools with red tape
== Kitchen ==
Clean Microwave
Clean refrigerator
Vacuum floors
== Metalshop ==
ANYONE can do the following without asking:
* General shop cleaning (sweeping, take trash out, organize tools, clean off machinery, clean bandsaws)
* Paint wood wall where exhaust fan was added inside (should be gray or white paint on shelf near back door, either is fine.)
* Clean and organize safety items (shelf eyeglasses are on.)
* Clean powder coating oven as needed (clean racks and bottom of oven)
ADVANCED  (Contact Paul or Jeremiah for information before working on any of the following projects)
* Help make and finish keepers of the plains.
* Build raised platform for bandsaw. 
* Finish Building Forge.
* Build three legged Anvil stand.
* Build belt cover for Enco mill.
* Build sturdy base for Enco Mill to replace wood base.
* Clean plasma table, replace slats when needed, refill and add chemicals.
* Modify welding carts for better fit, add handles, etc.
* Build grinder rack using plasma.
* Finish rack for C-clamps.
* Machine adapter for tubing notcher using Tormach or Enco.
* Machine new lever arms for Enco Mill. (x3)
* Build 1-4 Shop stools for welding, grinding, and Tormach.
* Make roller stand to fit raised bandsaw.
== Textiles ==
* Paint and hang pegboard
* Draw up plans and build dressing room
* finish removing glass shelves and replace with wood to fit storage containers
* quarterly machine clean and oil schedule and checklist
* finish out quilt tops for auction
* serge labels for Boomerang Bags
* create labels and class descriptions to go with artwork in room
== Woodshop ==
Sweep floors
Wipe off machinery
Empty dust collection bin ( place in bag before putting in dumpster)
== Jewelry Lab ==
* Build a vent hood (we have sheet aluminum for this to the left of the Wood Shop doors) above the torch area, with a powered vent that joins another vent somewhere above the ceiling.
= Leadership committees =
Some activities are easier to manage by grouping them together. We've created these volunteer groups, and anyone is invited to help out with them.
== Communications Hive ==
* Queen bee: [[User:Jens Torell|Jens Torell]]
* Responsible for marketing, maintaining the website, updating the calendar, and social media accounts
* Volunteer opportunities:
** Fix/update [[:Category:Needs_update|wiki pages that need attention]]
** Create a member directory
** Create an accurate, scaled, interactive map of the makerspace so people cand find things (like a micrometer, light switches, hot glue, trash bags, a screwdriver, fire extinguishers, etc)
== Governance ==
* Govna: [[User:Dominic Canare|Dominic Canare]]
* The governance committee is in charge of the smooth operation of the organization by identifying leadership roles and defining policies.
* Volunteer opportunities:
== Outreach Gaggle ==
* Leader: [[User:Barbara Davis|Barbara Davis]]
* Gives MakeICT a presence in various community events, including art fairs, RiverFest, K12 partnerships, etc.
* Volunteer opportunities: visit the [[Outreach Gaggle]] main page for more information.
== Special Projects Brigade ==
* Leader: [[User:Kip Landwehr|Kip Landwehr]]
* Art and Tech bus
** An electric bus that we are converting into a mobile art gallery and educational-activity mobile
** Contact [[User:Mike Barushok|Mike Barushok]] to find out how you can help
* Authentication/network file server
** Allows makerspace members to have a network account which can be used to authenticate to any machine in the makerspace with their customized settings and access to a personal folder on a network file share.
** Run electrical from breaker box to server rack in the classroom
** Contact [[User:Kip Landwehr|Kip Landwehr]] to find out how you can help
* Video security system
** Provides remote video monitoring of the makerspace
** Contact [[User:Kip Landwehr|Kip Landwehr]] to find out how you can help
= Long-term volunteer positions =
Besides our board of directors and Area Leads, we rely on some volunteer positions that require a little longevity. These positions are listed below, and although some of them are filled, the people performing those tasks can still use your help!
== Chief security officer ==
* Filled by:
* Reports to: Makerspace Director
* Head of the [[Security Team]]
* Enroll NFC keys for new members and train them on the security system
* Assign locker keys
* Respond to alarms
== Security Officers ==
=== Current officers ===
:- [[User:David Springs|David Springs]] [2016]
:- [[User:Catherine Barba|Catherine Barba]] [2016]
:- [[User:Audrey Barba|Audrey Barba]] [2016]
:- [[User:Mark Satoria|Mark Satoria]] [2016]
:- [[User:Mike Barushok|Mike Barushok]] [2017]
* Security Officers report to the Chief Security Officer
=== Position requirements ===
* Must be an active member of MakeICT for 6 Months.
* Must not have any outstanding problems with MakeICT or any of its programs.
* Must be willing to be present at the space for a minimum of 3 hours a week and willing to donate time with helping new members receive keys.
* Be present at a minimum of 2 public events a month (Maker Mondays count) to register keys and watch the space.
* Be accepted by an affirmative vote during a public board meeting.
* We are looking for new security officers. If you are interested in helping the space in this manor, contact [mailto:mpogue@makeict.org Matthew Pogue]
== Safety Sultan ==
* Filled by: [[User:Mike Barushok|Mike Barushok]]
* Reports to Makerspace Director
* Manage and provide oversight of safety policies, procedures, and practices for MakeICT. Responsibilities include:
** Defining safe practices for all equipment/machinery at the MakeICT Makerspace
** Ensuring that safety-related materials are available, maintained, and convenient. Including (but not limited to):
*** Machine information
*** Safety glasses
*** MSDS
*** Fire extinguishers
*** First aid kit
*** Ensure proper safety practices are being followed at all MakeICT events (workshops, classes, conventions, etc)
*** Serve as the point of contact for safety-related inquiries
** Define exit routes and make signs for same
** Maintain exit lights and emergency lights and manage their locations
** Define, and where appropriate, mark, and enforce egress paths and aisle clearance
== Volunteer Ombudsperson==
* Filled by: [[User:Kez Cook|Kez]]!
* Identify, maintain, and recruit for volunteer opportunities within MakeICT

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MakeICT is run entirely by volunteers. Visit http://makeict.org/volunteer to see our latest opportunities!