2017 Annual Meeting

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Date of meeting: 2017 June 17

5:00 - Call to Order and reading of Annual Report

  • Started about 10 minutes late
  • Activities report
    • Logan will post annual report online

5:15 - Financial Report

  • Tracy gives an overview of our current financial status
    • The detailed budget is available in the finances folder in the admin drive, but not being discussed at this meeting. It can be made available to any member in good standing who requests access.
    • Member count is 361
    • Financial report is missing numbers from KLF, devICT, Open Wichita, (All programs excluding the makerspace[only the makerspace])

5:35 - Proposed Bylaws Changes

5:50 - Proposed action on Maker Academy

  • "Shall the board of directors have the authority to shut down Maker Academy?"
    • Concern that if we give to board the power to disband this program now, that power could be used to disband any other program later (including the makerspace).
    • Certain people are dumbfounded that the board can’t decide to disband something that isn’t in our Bylaws. They fail to realize that our Bylaws don’t actually mention the makerspace either though.
    • Someone suggests that what should happen is that we should not disband the program and what should happen is that the Board should define what Maker Academy really does, which is a power the board has, and we should define Maker Academy as something that we can really work with.
    • Jacob Walker, devICT director, clarifies that the devICT, OpenWichita, and KLF programs started as their own entities and found a home under the MakeICT umbrella, but that Maker Academy and Maker Outreach were formed within the MakeICT umbrella by membership vote.
    • Laura Scholl, Maker Academy director, speaks about how Maker Academy was created with one definition, then evolved into another definition. She also states that Maker Academy has not cost the membership/organization anything financially. In fact, they made a (very small) profit.
    • John Alexander/Laura Scholl - suggest creating a framework for provisional programs and their graduation
    • There’s a 2 minute recess for Logan
    • Laura Scholl makes a motion that we shut down Maker Academy in its current form
      • Motion is recognized and seconded
      • Barb doesn’t feel that a “political movement” is necessary, that we could simply redefine the program and take action with it.
      • There’s debate about whether or not anything about Maker Academy or Maker Outreach was ever discussed at the board level, as it was painted by Logan
    • Laura withdraws her motion
    • Kim makes a motion that Kirk Lancaster be tasked with defining Maker Academy and reporting back to the board in three months
      • Kirk volunteered to take on this task
      • Motion is recognized and seconded
      • After discussing James’ motion (below) Kim realizes that her motion will be sent to the membership to be voted on via SurveyMonkey. She clarifies that she was trying to create an action item, not a membership vote.
      • Kim withdraws her motion.
      • It’s agreed upon that we will not send out a vote to the membership regarding Maker Academy at least until Kirk has reported back to the board.
    • @TODO (Kirk Lancaster, On or before September 18, 2017): Define Maker Academy and what it does and report to the board.
  • James Lancaster proposes that we add regular meetings to the standing rules via a vote from the membership during the vote that will happen following this meeting.
    • What will be voted on:

In connection with the rules in the bylaws for regular membership meetings, this would add one of the following sections to the standing rules:

1. MakeICT shall have regular meetings every September, December, March, in addition to the annual meeting in June. 2. MakeICT shall have regular meetings every December, in addition to the annual meeting in June.

These meetings shall be called by the board of directors in resolution, not less than 2 weeks before the meeting, such meeting will be posted in all customary physical and electronic places. They shall include short reports on what MakeICT has been doing through it's various programs and address any issues that need to be addressed.

    • What the options will be:

No change (No regular meeting except the annual meeting) Option 1 only (Meetings every 3 months) Option 2 only (Meetings every 6 months) Option 1 then 2 (Ok, with either, prefer every 3 months) Option 2 then 1 (Ok, with either, prefer every 6 months)

    • Motion is seconded and will be voted on by the membership via SurveyMonkey

6:00 - Candidate Introductions

  • Actual time is about 6:20
  • Presidential Candidates - 4 minutes each
    • Kim Burton
    • James Lancaster
  • Vice Presidential Candidates - 3 minutes each
    • Kim Burton
    • James Lancaster
    • Kip Landwehr
    • David Springs
  • Treasurer Candidates - 2 minutes each
    • David Springs
  • Secretary Candidates - 2 minutes each
    • Rustin Atkeisson
  • At-large Officer Candidates - 2 minutes each
    • Rustin Atkeisson
    • Thomas Bloom
    • Kim Burton
    • Kez Cook
    • Dean Day
    • LaDeana Dockery
    • James Lancaster
    • Malissa Long
    • Kip Landwehr
    • Matthew Pogue
    • Laura Scholl
    • David Springs
    • Matthew "Lewis" Warren
    • Matt Young

6:35 - Adjourn

  • Actual time is 6:45