2017 Elections - Questions

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Questions for all candidates:

  1. Can you tell people what the mission is?
  2. Have you read the bylaws, as well as the rules and policies, and do you understand what the responsibilities and duties for the position you are running for are?
  3. Our initial lease ends on March 31st of next year. How do you feel this should be and what should our priorities be in terms of trying to find a different space versus extending the lease on our current building?
    1. What do you think the impact of these changes will likely be?
  4. Do you understand that MakeICT has several programs, including the makerspace, and if you become a board member, you will be partially responsible for all of them?
  5. I think most of our membership either isn't aware of, or at least doesn't really understand, the current relationship between "MakeICT Institute" and the "maker space". Can you describe the current organizational structure of the MakeICT Institute and do you feel this is the right structure for our organization, or does something else makes better sense to you?
  6. Do you understand that you will have a duty, to put MakeICT's mission and interest above any financial or personal interest you have?
  7. The last few board meetings have been sometimes rancorous. It doesn't make for a great working experience, and certainly sends a bad message to the membership. How can we as a board begin to remedy that?

Questions for President:

  1. What are your thoughts about MakeICT's direction in the coming year?
  2. What's your agenda for what you want to accomplish in the coming year?
  3. Being MakeICT president is almost too much for one person, such that the vice president could (and probably should) share some of the load. How do you plan to utilize the vice president, assuming that person is able and willing?

Questions for Vice President Candidates:

  1. Are you able and willing to shoulder some of the management load of MakeICT so that the job of president isn't a full time job?
  2. Do you have specific suggestions on how that would happen?