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== 6:15 - Candidate Introductions ==
== 6:15 - Candidate Introductions ==
*David Spring
*David Springs
**Has been treasurer for 2yrs
**Has been treasurer for 2yrs
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**3rd year running for board
**3rd year running for board
**Will still be around to help with MakeICT regardless
**Will still be around to help with MakeICT regardless
*Mark Santoria
*Mark Satoria
**Prepared a speech but his dog ate it
**Prepared a speech but his dog ate it
**Glad all 10 of the members could show up this year
**Glad all 10 of the members could show up this year

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Date of meeting: 2019 June 9 at 5pm


Board Members

  • President - Kim Burton
  • Vice President - LaDeana Dockery (absent)
  • Treasurer - David Springs
  • Secretary - Ken Steadman
  • At Large Director - Barb Davis (absent)
  • At Large Director - Rustin Atkeisson
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long
  • At Large Director - James Lancaster


Mark Satoria Jens Torell Patrick Hutcheson Jeff Eck Eric Dorsey Richard Harris Dean Day Mary Day Nalini Fraser Philip Fraser Marj Lujan Everette Price Michelle Price Mike Bennett Carrie Griffith Angel Mejia Jace Francis Laura Scholl Emily Ediger Olive Lujan Jo-Jo Lujan Lena Brewer Mike Clough John Cody Logan Pajunen

5:00 - Eating of food

5:30 - Call to order and reading of Annual Report

Kim Burton, President

  • Recognised Eric Dorsey, Mark Satoria and James Lancaster, for their assistance setting up projector
  • Photos in review - Craft Exchange, Magic Wheel Chair Fire Engine, 2nd Annual Art Auction, Screen Jam, Riverfest STEAM City
  • 411 active members, up from 390 last year...the majority of membership is newer than one year
  • Nov/Dec/Jan - when most members join
  • Most people leave after completing a project
  • Need to learn how to utilize volunteers
  • Since June 2018, we have had 41 different teachers lead classes
    • 1400 unique students
    • Continue to see an increase in classes taught
  • Started using Discord at the end of 2017
    • 458 Users
    • Need to work on posting photos of completed projects on forums
  • There have been a lot of volunteer activities in Wichita this past year
  • Review annual calendar for volunteer opportunities
  • New Location Hunt
    • Still on the hunt
    • Had a huge learning lesson with the school
    • Have a list of other properties for incoming board to review
      • Jens made a significant effort in pursuit of new facility and is recognised for his hard work
      • Really need to keep to a SINGLE point of contact when dealing with a seller

5:45 Financial Report

  • David Springs
    • June 1 2018-May 30, 2019--$146,563 gross receipts from membership and classes
    • Membership: ~$21k/month
    • Classes: ~$1700/month
    • Haven’t had many major grants or donations this past year
      • Current Balances $121,153
  • Classes drive new members
    • More classes brings in more interests
  • Growth continues at a steady pace
  • Primary challenge for the treasurer - check and cash (manual) payments
    • Lack of accountability with dropbox payments
      • Kiosk Project in-process
      • immediate payment registration and accountability

6:00 - New Business

6:15 - Candidate Introductions


  • David Springs
    • Has been treasurer for 2yrs


  • Alysa Bumgarner
  • Josh Robinson
  • Ken Steadman
    • member for almost 3yrs
    • Security Lead for over a year
    • Secretary since September
    • A lot of experience from Military and Private Sector
    • Thinks we can work harder on the communication side
  • Scott Sullivan


  • Josh Robinson
  • Ken Steadman
  • Rustin Atkeissonor
    • Been on board a secretary and as a Director at Large, this would be the third year on the board


  • David Springs
  • Devin Halsey

Member at Large

  • Malissa Long
    • 3rd year running for board
    • Will still be around to help with MakeICT regardless
  • Mark Satoria
    • Prepared a speech but his dog ate it
    • Glad all 10 of the members could show up this year
    • Is here quite often in late hours
    • Thought about the nomination for a while, and decided to accept**
    • Wants to insure that MakeICT is here for the long term
    • Wants to see MakeICT prosper
  • Jeff Eck
    • Been a member for a while, helped move from Blue Bird
    • Helped in the metal shop and wood shop
    • Will help out some more if people vote for him
    • he’s easy to talk to

See ballot for full candidate list

  • Check your spam folder for Survey Monkey Voting Invite

6:45 - Adjourn