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3D Pen

Ingredients for a successful 3D Pen Project: - 3D pen - 3D pen power supply/3D pen stand - PLA (poly lactic acid) filament - Sketch or idea for cool project

Recipe for success: - Plug in power cord to top of pen. - Then press the extrude down button to start the pen to warming for PLA. - When the bottom light changes from blinking to green, the pen is ready to use. - Then insert filament. - The pen will melt the filament and be ready to extrude shortly.

Recommendations for beginner 3D artists: - Start with a 2D sketch. Either free handing or by tracing a sketch. - Press the extrude button and slowly move the pen across the surface to lay down a line of filament. Hold the pen close to the paper so the melted filament is applied to the surface before cooled. - At junctions, the end of a line, and turns, pause for a micro-moment to allow the filament to cool before continuing. - To connect two lines, hold the pen over the junction for long enough for the heat to fuse the two lines together. - Continue adding lines till your sketch is complete. - When finished, pull your sketch off of the paper. Use scissors to trim any unsightly edges.

3D Sketches: - Plan your 3D sketch in 2D steps. - Complete the 2D sketch using the instructions above. - Hold each 2D sketches up and connect them together. - Add more filament as needed to strengthen your joints.

3D Freehanding: - Start with a drop of filament to make an anchor point. - Move the pen in the perfect timing. - Good luck with getting the timing right for movement. - Expect to spend a lot of time practicing. - Never give up. Never surrender.

If you want these instructions in video form, check out: http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printing-Pen-Tutorial/