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** would we put this in quickbooks or spreadsheet?  
** would we put this in quickbooks or spreadsheet?  
*** Not a good thing for quickbooks. Definitely need a process in place. Doesn’t need to be a policy, just a general process that we all follow. Could add a tab in the Donations Log for Purchased Assets.  
*** Not a good thing for quickbooks. Definitely need a process in place. Doesn’t need to be a policy, just a general process that we all follow. Could add a tab in the Donations Log for Purchased Assets.  
**** Each Area Lead would need to go through their area and document the assets in their area that are MakeICT’s. Document on the appropriate tab in the [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VkXnT4PGLghCPkzMrf1oeFlw3DrtFaB1OilWdpbp-vY/edit?usp=sharing Donation Log].  
**** Each Area Lead would need to go through their area and document the assets in their area that are MakeICT’s. Document on the appropriate tab in the [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VkXnT4PGLghCPkzMrf1oeFlw3DrtFaB1OilWdpbp-vY/edit?usp=sharing Donation Log]. {{todo|who=Area Leads|what=Document assets.|done=0}}
* Thanks & recognition
* Thanks & recognition

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2018 August 16


Roll Call

Board Members

  • President - Kim Burton
  • Vice President - LaDeana Dockery
  • Treasurer - David Springs
  • Secretary - Kez Cook
  • At Large Director - Paul Maseberg
  • At Large Director - Needs replaced
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long
  • At Large Director - James Lancaster


  • Jens Torell
  • Mike Barushok
  • Tom Bloom
  • Scott Sullivan
  • Patrick Hutchison
  • Curt Gridley
  • Devin Halsey
  • Christian Kindel

Standing Items

  • Treasurer's report
    • Account balances
      • Paypal
        • July 1-July 31 3295.03.
      • Investments
        • 70,420.03.
        • We have not put any additional funds. We just let it hover.
    • Accountant update
      • will hope to pick an accountant by next week. Hope to get started on the audit and setting up our systems by next week.
      • Bank
        • 17,968.99
      • Cash summary
        • Total: 95,089.18
      • Bus account:
        • 1158.19
    • Question: Patrick Hutchison: how much to do we have to spend?
      • As of last month, you had 751.64. You spent about $300 on clay this month. You’re in the $400 range of what you have left for this year.
    • Question: Scott: How are our donations versus outgoing.
      • Don’t have a good way to track it, therefore we don’t have an answer.
    • Question: Scott: is there an amount that just the ceramics area brings in?
      • We don’t know. It’s not separated out like that. The reason for switching to quickbooks was to track this stuff, but we’re still in the setting up stage.
    • Question: Patrick: should we be doing something different so that we can track that.
      • Maybe. We should work something out.
    • LaDeana moves to accept the Treasurer’s report, Malissa seconds.
      • Discussion: none.
      • Count: 7 in favor
    • @DECISION: The Treasurer’s report is accepted.
  • Previous minutes
    • LaDeana moves to accept last month’s minutes, David seconds.
      • Discussion: Wants links to the previous minutes more often. Really like that.
      • Count: 7 in favor
    • @DECISION: The minutes for July 12, 2018 are approved.
  • Safety & security
    • The front door was propped open earlier today. The people in the front area had no clue why it was open.
    • Report: Mark has resigned from Security and Devin has been added to the Security team.
    • We need to track our keys better. Talk to Ken about tracking keys.
    • Possibly rekey everything since we don’t know who all has keys. Possibly not a problem, as doors here don’t really need keys.
  • Meetings with Score update:
    • We need a very clear record of all equipment that we have donated, purchased, sold, or given away.
    • We don’t currently have an accurate tracker. ( Donation Log) → bring this up at the Area Leads meeting.
    • donation means receipt was given. Purchase means receipt exists.
    • would we put this in quickbooks or spreadsheet?
      • Not a good thing for quickbooks. Definitely need a process in place. Doesn’t need to be a policy, just a general process that we all follow. Could add a tab in the Donations Log for Purchased Assets.
        • Each Area Lead would need to go through their area and document the assets in their area that are MakeICT’s. Document on the appropriate tab in the Donation Log. @TODO (Area Leads, no date): Document assets.
  • Thanks & recognition
    • Everyone who helped move the laser cutter - Paul, Curt, Zac, David for offering moral support, Ken, Omar, Terrence, Christian, & others
    • Devin for stopping Paul from falling off a ladder
    • New laser setup - Tom Bloom, Zac, Christian,
    • Cleanup day - Shannon and all the cool people who showed up. :)
    • James and Kirk Lancaster for taking in Joel Leonard
    • Rusty spent two days weed eating and spraying weeds
  • David would like to discuss donor recognition
    • We should absolutely recognize all those who have given to MakeICT.
    • Do we have a good list of donors some place?
      • Donation Log - cash tab.
        • Donation Log is not currently up to date.
    • @TODO (LaDeana, no date): Make donor wall happen. One way or another.

New Business

Review meeting goals and ground rules

  • Good ideas from 2016
  • Volunteer health check
  • Procedure note we've learned: To avoid ties, president should abstain from voting except to settle a tie. Another good strategy is to have an odd number of board members.

Vacancy Filling

  • Vote on interim board member, or hold new election for the open spot. -- Jeremiah quit.
  • Area lead vacancies?
  • Ideas:
    • Next up from the election.
    • Appoint someone.
    • Hold a new election.
    • Leave vacant - cannot, per the bylaws
    • Ask for volunteers?
  • Need a decision by August.
    • Kim: wants to do an election.
    • Paul: concerns based on last election that we don’t already have an election committee in place, this might be as big of a fiasco.
    • Zac: worried that an election would confuse members.
    • Devin: election is a good idea.
    • Patrick: if the bylaws were more clear, that would be nice. We need to figure out how to do elections properly.
    • Curt: Interim until election is a bad idea. Either appoint someone or hold an election in September. If you’re going to hold an election, you better do it right.
    • Mike B: Questions about the wording of the bylaws. The ‘regular meeting’ probably doesn't mean membership meeting, it probably means the next board meeting.
    • LaDeana moves to take this offline so that the board can do the homework so we know if we appoint someone or elect someone. No second. Motion fails.
    • Kez moves that we appoint Dominic Canare for the remainder of the term to end June 2019. Kim seconds the motion.
      • Count: 1 in favor, 5 opposed.
    • David moves that we appoint an interim board member from the people who were voted upon already from those who ran in June 2018 in order of count. Malissa seconds.
      • Discussion: Wants to start with Rustin and then go down the list on number of votes. This is an appointment.
      • Count: 4 in favor, 1 opposed, 2 abstained.
    • @DECISION: The method for deciding who to appoint to the vacant position will be to appoint the person with the next greatest number of votes received during the annual election.
    • David moves to appoint Rusty based on his votes from the previous election, effective this moment. Malissa seconds.
      • Discussion: none.
      • Count: 5 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstain.
    • @DECISION: Rusty is appointed to the vacant Director At Large position.
      • David moves that the current term serves as one of the three consecutive terms listed in Article V Section 1 in regards to Rustin’s appointment as an At-Large Director. Malissa seconds.
      • Discussion: Rustin accepts this.
      • Count: 6 in favor, 2 abstain.
    • @DECISION: Rusty’s appointment will count towards the three term limit specified in the Bylaws.

Finance committee

  • Policy proposal:
    • David’s proposed policy: “Checks and Balances.
    • Going over transactions each month with at least one board member.
    • David moves to accept his proposed policy. Malissa seconds.
      • Discussion:
        • Paul: if we’re having an official audit, can we just entrust the finance committee to do this? **** David would prefer that it be a rotating board member.
        • James: a second check is a great idea.
        • David: as many eyes on the finances is a good idea.
      • Count: 7 in favor, 1 abstain.
    • @DECISION: David’s proposed “Checks and Balances” policy is adopted.
  • DevICT/KLF status
    • contacted David about insurance. He pointed them in the right direction.
    • We’re still in the process of helping them get their ducks in a row. Nothing new to report.

Quarterly Meeting Planning

  • September - need to pick a date
    • @DECISION: The September quarterly member meeting shall be held on Sunday, September 16, 2018 at 5pm.

Magic Wheelchair

  • Building a wheelchair for Ryan - Highway Patrol Car
    • David - we are the official builders for this build.


  • Recruiting inkscape teachers - Eric
    • no update.

Gun/firearms policy

  • Zac to update
    • That has gone to Ken as of two board meetings ago…
    • @TODO (Ken, no date): Propose a guns/firearms policy.


  • Voting policy proposal
    • Discussion: none.
    • David motions to accept the policy as presented. LaDeana seconds.
      • Discussion: Paul asks to table this till next month. David rescinds his motion.

Scholarship Committee

  • Scholarship policy proposal
    • Discussion:
      • Zac: have we determined a working definition for “financial need”?
        • Anyone who states that they need financial need.
        • No one is on a free ride. Everyone is on a reduced rate. There are 5 people on scholarship right now.
      • Zac proposes that we have a working definition for financial need.
        • David: those who ask, need.
      • Patrick: if you’re chasing the greedy, you’re missing the needy. Add a couple sentences to address an abuse of policy, rather, that allows for review of a scholarship in case of potential abuse.
      • Mike: we should have a policy, but this one makes significant changes. The significant changes that haven’t been discussed: people can only get a scholarship once, for 6 months.
      • Rustin: there’s an alternate avenue -- sponsorships.
      • Curt: ask Score to give an interpretation of the issue: as a 501c3 are we required do do charity?
        • @TODO (Kim, no date): Ask Score to give and interpretation on whether or not we are required, as a 501c3, to do charity.
    • David motions to table the vote on this policy and keep the current scholarships in place till it’s settled. Malissa seconds.
      • Discussion:
        • Paul: were people ever notified that their scholarships were going away?
        • David: I don’t think so.
        • James: this overrides the decision made July 12, 2018.
      • Count: 4 in favor, 2 opposed, 1 abstain.
    • @DECISION: The decision to table the vote to make a decision about a scholarship policy was decided.

Committee Lead Assignments

  • Need to pick new committee leads
    • This is just discussion in preparation for picking committee leads at the September Board Meeting.
    • Paul: it would make sense to keep the committees as is until the bylaws are fixed.
    • Zac: we don’t have enough people to fill sub and sub sub committees.
    • Paul motions that we keep the current committees and staff the current committees in September. David seconds.
      • Discussion: none
      • Count: 5 in favor, 2 abstain.
    • @DECISION: The current committees will be kept. They will be staffed in September.
      • Discussion:
        • James L.: suggestion -- open it up at the annual meeting.
        • Malissa: we still don’t have a strategic plan, and the board has not dealt with that, because the people wanted the board to deal with that.
        • Rustin: has a call for nominees been put out? No. All committees should be used.
        • Kez: we should use the committee lead sign up form again.
        • James L.: we need to have very well defined objectives for the committee.
  • Current committees
  1. New Building
  2. Outreach
  3. Finance
  4. Scholarships
  5. Makerfaire
  6. Membership Community Events Onboarding (seems to be one?)
  7. Fundraising
  8. Communications
  9. IT
  10. Security
  11. Safety
  12. Creator Showroom
  13. Special Projects
  14. Wikibrarian
    • New committee structure proposal from LaDeana:
      • Typical board standing committees are
        • Finance
        • Fundraising
        • Board development and governance
        • communications/marketing
        • There is also an Executive committee consisting of pres, vp, treasurer
      • Typical Ad Hoc committees are
        • outreach/membership
        • strategic planning
    • From James S:
      • Finance
        • Scholarships
        • Fundraising
      • Membership Community Events.
        • Onboarding
        • Creator Showroom
        • Communications
        • Special Projects
        • Outreach
        • Makerfaire
      • Security
        • IT
        • Safety
  • Method to select committee leads - sign up form again? Yes.


  • Has membership form been updated per our last resolution? IT - have not had time to finish it
    • Christian reports yes. The membership application now has a check box for yes/no.

Committee Reports


  • Finance (David)
    • See update above in Treasurer’s report.
  • New Building
    • Jens: there is a building solution. Curt has put an offer on a building. He has offered us a portion of it. The hope is that the board is going to give a yes or no to move forward to take this to the membership at the September meeting.
      • Mike B says that we should go into executive session.
      • Curt has no strong opinion about how the board discusses it at this point.
    • Discussion:
      • Curt and Tracy decided to move forward with the building regardless of what MakeICT does; they would like us to be a part of it.
      • The building in discussion is the old Printer’s Inc Building.
      • Curt’s intention is to develop this as a tech center.
      • It’s somewhere between 13,000-18,000sq ft.
      • He plans to have us pay $5/sq foot, others in the building will be paying $10/square foot.
      • This is a lease option, not a buy option.
      • He thinks we would have to raise dues or increase membership.
      • Curt would pay an architect to plan out our space so it’s not willy nilly.
      • There might be a sticking point with the 24/7 access -- Wants to be able to afford someone to sit at a desk 8a-5p and monitor/control access to the building.
      • James L: access to the MakeICT space would be controlled by the building, not MakeICT.
      • Curt: would have to adhere to reasonable things to ensure that it’s secure.
      • Scott: Maker Monday and stuff, there is access to the public.
      • Curt: is aware, would have to figure that out. The door might be open from 8a-5p and locked after dark. It would be different from here where MakeICT controls the outer and inner entrance.
      • Curt would like to see a vote that empowers the board to move forward with interesting buildings.
      • Curt would cover the cost of trash.
      • Malissa: on average, a makerspace loses 20% of their membership to a move.
      • Zac: If we lose 20% of the move, and if we raise dues, we would still be ahead in the numbers.
      • Jens: same format as what we used when we moved into the current building. This is the same projection in that we do expect to be negative the first year. This is a conservative projection.
      • Curt would like to see the membership raise dues. Or else he doesn’t think that the membership is willing to commit to this endeavor.
      • James L. that can only be done at an annual meeting.
      • David: one thing that has been discussed is educating the members that they can donate $10 extra dollars a month to the “new building fund” (that doesn’t exist yet, but we could make it a thing).
    • David moves to take this proposal to the members at the September meeting. Malissa seconds.
      • Discussion:
        • Curt: based on your current funding, you can’t afford this. So if you don’t raise dues, then at the end of the year, you might have to leave and then he’s taken a huge hit.
        • Paul: first year: we pay $5/sqft, second year $5.50/sqft, third year $6/sqft.
        • Kez: concerns about security of the Printer’s Inc building location, including the tent city on Santa Fe, the lack of general auto and foot traffic.
        • Rustin: can someone pull up the crime rate map?
        • Paul: obviously it is a step up, but the $25,000 build out is a lot. Also, how are we going to facilitate the entire move, because we need to figure out how to do all this better than we have historically.
        • Mike B.: people haven’t seen how quickly the Douglas building came together.
        • Malissa wants to amend the motion - we need a plan before we go before the membership. And we need to have an actionable plan.
      • Count: 1 opposed, 2 abstain, 4 in favor.
    • @DECISION: The board will take a proposal to move into Curt’s building to the membership for a vote at the September meeting.

Rustin motioned to end the meeting, Paul seconded 4 in favor, 1 opposed, 2 abstain. Motion carries.

Decision Summary

    Task Summary