August 3 2021 - Facilities

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Roll Call

Committee Members

  • Joe Birzer
  • Steve Owens
  • Saga Romig
  • Wes Timmerman


  • Domy Rivo
  • Dean Day

Old Business

  • Water entering the tunnels
    • Nothing new to report, but noted that in the last major rain we had a good stream coming out of the West tunnel.
  • Oak Tree in the front
    • No update. We did have a few small limbs come down in the past few weeks.
  • Roof
    • Saga is still waiting on calls with the contractors.
  • Textiles Drier lint trap
    • No update
  • Mowing
    • Seems to be getting done fine. Will continue to monitor.
  • Fence vegetation
    • Still need to follow-up with Aaron Rivers.
  • Welcome Center Countertop
    • Painted and ready to epoxy. Sample is displayed.
    • Need decision on logo.
  • LED lights
    • No update
    • Saga has been in contact with a friend for advice.
  • Print Shop walls
    • Shelving has been installed, and walls have been framed. Will look into using choir panels for backing shelves.
  • Task list spreadsheet
    • Steve still needs to look into setting up a sharable sheet.
    • Also considering putting up a whiteboard for signups.
  • Window AC Units
    • Joe has installed first unit in Classroom 1. Will work on Classroom 3 using the 14000 BTU unit purchased from Craig's list
    • Need plan for power.

New Business

  • Door to South Hall Chase
    • Doorknob does not function so it seems like it is always locked, even though it isn't.
  • Door Closers
    • Joe plans on getting back to work on this sometime in the future.
    • We have all of the hardware required.
  • Foundry Committee
    • Dean reported on the plans for a new Foundry Committee. They will be presenting to the board soon.
    • We need to verify if we need to be involved in discussions with the insurance provider.

Next Meeting

  • September 7rd at 6:30 PM