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~Maker Yoda
~Maker Yoda
[[Contact_Information| Contact Information]]
--> [[Contact_Information| Contact Information]] <--

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"Feedback you may provide. Links you may follow. Below you must go."

~Maker Yoda

If you need examples of the polls that I've posted, or want to take any of them, you can!

Does Kim Post Up Too Many Polls? --> Poll on Polls

Should we move to a new building? --> Should We Move

Decluttering: Too much or not enough? --> To Declutter or not to Declutter, that is the question

What should go in our library? (Hey - this is Kez's!) --> Library Dream Form

Demographics Survey --> Demo Me!

Should we keep renting out the artist studios? --> Studios!

Should we let people keep projects in the space? --> Parking Pass

Should our class pricing structure be reviewed? --> Class Pricing

"Questions you have, Leaders you seek. Contact information below, you will find."

~Maker Yoda

--> Contact Information <--