December 19 2020 - Quarterly Meeting

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Board Members Present

  • JaiPal Chauhan, President
  • Paula Pankratz, Vice-President
  • Patrick Hutchison, Secretary
  • Scott Sullivan, At Large
  • Terrence Laurendine, At Large
  • Tom Bloom, At Large


  • Doug Wilson, At Large
  • David Springs, Immediate Past President

Empty Positions:

  • Treasurer

Members Present

(List taken mostly from the Participants box on Zoom)

  • Gamal Weheba
  • Gene ?
  • Mark ?
  • Brian Pressnall
  • Douglas Cash
  • James Lancaster
  • Kevin Peters
  • June Huie
  • Mark ?
  • Nicholas Clupny
  • Steve Owens
  • Sara Campbell
  • Steve Saner
  • Barbara Davis
  • Gary Titus
  • Aaron W
  • Chritisan Kindel
  • Sara Campbell
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Joe Pajor

Agenda and Notes

Google Slides Presentation Link

This meeting was recorded and is filed in the folder on the Google Drive for those with a MakeICT email address and there is a public link for folks who were unable to attend.

  • Membership Update
    • Please refer to the slide deck.
    • Goal to add 50 a month going forward to reach 400-430 to make sure we are financially comfortable
    • Next maker Monday on Jan 4th, by reservation.  Stay tuned for more info.
    • Considering updating the sorts of things we check for at intake.  Would establish this list and make it clear to members.
      • Aggravated battery
      • Repeated DUI / Drug Offenses
      • Theft
      • What do folks think about that?
        • Not necessarily a bad idea
        • Think that if folks have served their time they deserve a chance
        • Repeat situations but no issues for 10 years or so probably ok
        • What about exceptions for people working with their parole officer to work toward job experience or similar to get their life back on track, sponsoring those folks somehow, or with a chaperon?
        • Perhaps a category of un-keyed members that could be members but only while supervised?  Would people be comfortable with an arrangement like that?
        • Should we have a working group to work on this?  Currently Membership and Security are working on this.  Anyone can come to the Membership Committee meeting to help with this.
        • Based on the limited information, I'm not. I do not feel it's MakeICT's place to try to add additional punishment to people outside of courts, unless a clear danger can be demonstrated.
          • I agree with James.  Libraries, Gyms and other membership-required semi-public facilities don't ask about past criminal acts.
          • libraries and such are also usually manned by staff every hour they are open and thats where we are different so it is something to consider.
        • We should consider how these sorts of rules may interact with groups using our space, like the Scouts, etc..
      • Sex offenses against minors is a hard no currently of course as part of our existing process to check against the registered offenders list.
  • Financial Update
    • Please refer to the slide deck.
    • We are fairly strapped right now.  Our current membership level is paying the bills.  But expenses do continue.  We’ve got electrical upgrade expenses coming up next now that that work is complete.
    • If you want to help, the Finance Committee has meetings on Mondays.
    • Areas will be on bare bones budgets for the first quarter or so as we re-grow our membership to improve our cash-flow and reserves
    • Currently seeking a line of credit from a local bank, and hope to hear back from them this coming week, to help with immediate upcoming expenses like the fire road and roof.
  • Building Update
    • Please refer to the slide deck.
    • Certificate of Occupancy - clean, permanent certificate - no conditions
      • We do still have to have the fire road completed, but it wasn’t attached to the certificate.  It’ll likely come up again in the spring or summer if not earlier.  It’s a major expense, in the ballpark of $80,000.  There is an ad-hoc committee working on this that has met a couple times.  Some drawings are in the works.  We will need to get some updated quotes / estimates again.
    • Electrical
      • Electrical wall inspection was Friday and passed
      • Final inspection is this coming Wednesday
      • Have a few plugs left to do and electrical is done
      • Jai will be in the building Sunday starting at 10am for most of the day.  If you have electrical experience, there are a few things left to button up that were not part of the contract with the electrical contractor that need done prior to the Final inspection on Wednesday.
      • Once we have a successful final inspection, we can plug things in and start using them!
    • Plumbing
      • One leak left to fix then we’re ready to go
    • Work is ongoing and there’s a lot of projects yet to do like painting, cleaning, organizing, clearing out the junk room, helping set up the shops, etc.
  • Opening / Re-Orientation
    • Please refer to the slide deck.
    • Existing / Active member re-orientations will continue through this coming Tuesday.  Otherwise, for folks who want to get their key turned on will need to participate in one of the future planned Maker Mondays or contact Jai directly to have a re-orientation.
    • If you can’t find your badge / or it’s not compatible with the new system, email [[1]] to make an appointment to get a new badge.
    • Have a new notification policy for COVID that the board approved at the last meeting to communicate that information to members.  Notification to the forum, directly to members that were in the building (scanned their badge to get in) or registered for a class, and with a posting on the front door.
    • The information that’s being presented to members during the orientations will get written down on the wiki at some point after it gets solidified as we are still learning with each session and making tweaks.
  • Volunteers Needed
    • Please refer to the slide deck.
    • Volunteers that weren’t members still have to fill out liability waiver forms and have a guest badge on.  Coordinate any activities with Jai or Paula so we can make sure activities and supplies needed are ready to do the work and not waste folks time.
    • Volunteer hours are important to grant writing efforts.  There is a system to log hours.  Scan the QR code by the Welcome Center and log your hours please!
  • Committee Opportunities
    • Please refer to the slide deck.
    • Really need help with these:
      • Gallery
      • Events
      • Facilities
      • Finance
      • Fundraising!!!
      • All of them, really
      • Classroom and Education/Outreach have been meeting for a while now and certainly need help as classrooms and classes are an income source for us
  • Donations Needed
    • Please refer to the slide deck.
  • Q&A
    • none