December 4 2016

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Roll Call

  • Board members
    • Logan Pajunen
    • John Alexander
    • Kip Landwehr
    • Tracy Hoover
    • James Lancaster
    • Christian Kindel
    • Curt Gridley
    • Dominic Canare
  • Members
    • Mike Barushok
    • Tom McGuire
    • Anthony Mitchell
    • Geoff Kisch
    • David Springs
    • Jess Bechtelheimer
    • Larry Meeks

Officer Reports

Old Business

  • Finalize syntax/wording changes to Area Lead Policy
    • @TODO (Logan, no date): Accept/reject any changes to the Area Lead / Access policies and distribute the updated policies for review
  • Area Lead selection
    • Discussion about selection in Executive Session
    • @DECISION: Area lead positions will be offered to the individuals listed in the slate below.
      • Woodshop - Mike Hutton (accepted)
      • Metalshop - Jeremiah Burian (accepted)
      • Ceramics - John Cody (accepted)
      • Printmaking - Tim Collins (accepted)
      • Textiles - Malissa Long (accepted)
      • Gallery - Susan de Wit (accepted)
      • Facilities - Matthew ‘Lewis’ Warren (accepted)
        • Kitchen
        • Lounge
        • Bathroom
        • Classroom
        • Co-working space
        • General building problems
      • Jewelry - David Springs (accepted)
      • Security - Matt Pogue (accepted)
      • Technology/IT - Paul Herrington (accepted)
      • Consignment - Mike Barushok (accepted)
      • FabLab - Christian Kindel (accepted)
      • CNC - Curt Gridley (interim) (accepted)
      • ERP - James Seymour (accepted)
    • @TODO (Logan, no date): Meet with new area leads to talk about our expectations of them
  • Budget review by Treasurer
    • Tracy would like a meeting specifically to talk about the budget.
      • @TODO (Tracy, no date): Send Doodle poll to schedule budget-specific meeting
  • Update on filing taxes
    • Our fiscal year runs Nov 1 to Oct 31
    • Tracy was under the impression it ran from Dec 1 to Nov 30
    • Amended filings will have to be made
  • @DECISION: Reimburse $295 to Mike Hutton for the purchase of a dust management system for the woodshop.

New business

  • Review ERP access policy
    • @TODO (Logan, no date): Include approving the ERP access policy in the agenda for the next board meeting
  • Review Textiles access policy
    • @DECISION: Textiles access policy (as shared in an email to the board and read by Christian) is approved
      • Policy as approved during the meeting:
        • Those who wish to access the textile room must read and follow the Textile Room Guidelines posted on the Wiki. (The guidelines will likely be updated and evolve over time. Users are expected to review and comply with the current guidelines.)
        • Use of the equipment requires authorization by one of the approved authorizers listed on the wiki.
  • Review Textiles purchasing plan
    • Tracy’s concerns with the current approval of $3000 for textiles include:
      • The area being online and knowing better what they need for the area
      • The $3000 were approved for a heavy materials machine AND a serger, but would now only be spent on a heavy materials machine.
      • The sewing machines we have are in need of constant repair. That work is currently being done by Geoff, but that isn’t a long term solution.
      • Is this the best way for us to spend $3000?
      • Curt shared findings from his research of machines over the weekend
      • Jess shared findings from her research of machines over the last several weeks and with input from members and local experts
      • @TODO (Tracy, no date): Follow up on the textiles grant we applied for
      • @DECISION: Approval to change previous May 30 2016 fund approval to textiles budget. New approval: $3,000 for heavy materials sewing machine
  • KLF Director Appointment
    • @DECISION: Joel Baltazor is appointed as the KLF program director.
  • Space planning in kitchen area
    • Lewis and any interested can talk about this outside of the Board Meeting.
  • Consignment / Hackables policy
    • Logan and Mike B will discuss outside of the Board meeting
  • Shopbot location issue - Could have an Area Lead that technically isn’t allowed to access the machine
    • Will have a discussion between Logan, Mike, Kip, and any others interested outside of the Board meeting.
  • Area Lead Dues
    • Area Leads pay $10/month for membership?
    • Decided to not vote on anything
  • Maker Faire Agreement with Exploration Place
    • @DECISION: Collaboration agreement with Exploration Place for Maker Faire is approved.
    • @TODO (Logan, no date): Let Jan at EP know that the Maker Faire agreement is approved
    • @TODO (Logan, no date): Update the Maker Faire committee thread with a call for a chairman of the group
  • @DECISION: Up to $300 is approved for the purchase of food and alcohol for an end of year party.
    • Motion passed with one opposed
  • Logan’s Nation of Makers trip
    • @TODO (Logan, no date): Post your trip report to the forum

Decision Summary

    Task Summary