February 13 2016 Green Team Meeting

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Members in attendance

  • Cat B
  • Jeremiah L
  • [User:Dominic Canare|]
  • Melanie J


  • Need to design/build recycle center
  • Recycle bins need a consistent color
  • Need signage everywhere there is a trash can
  • Will collect organic waste (but not compost on-site)
  • Will use 4 small bins + 1 tall bin for recyclables, + 1 bucket (with gamma lid) for organics
  • Recyclables will be taken home or to Miller's on an ad-hoc basis for now. All are invited to help


  • Dom will create design and ask on the forum about aluminum cans in the kitchen
  • Cat will determine paint needs
  • Melanie will develop signage

Design: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/8EtZhOFAMta-makeict-recycle-project/