February 24 2014

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Meeting Time: 5:30pm Location: Bluebird Arthouse

All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.


  • Treasurer Report
    • Bank balance: $381.65
    • Paypal: $742.22
    • Total: $1123.87
  • Wild Apricot trial will expire at end of month - $50 to continue
    • Jens/Tom to continue evaluating, may make phone call to find answers

Policies and Procedures

  • No updates to report

Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects

  • Door access update
    • Rye to borrow some parts from Tom (screw terminals, headers, etc)
    • Can currently read a card and pull pin high
    • Team to start meeting on Tuesday nights (6pm), starting this Tuesday
  • EL Sign
    • Everything is wired, ready to mount
    • Not going to implement rotating gears ATM
    • Mike D. suggests another sign in the Bluebird front window
  • Bus
    • Acquired controller, new brake cylinder
    • Confirmed master brake cylinder is good
    • Battery wells cleaned and painted
    • John seems to be happy about the documentation of the controller and how to hook it up
    • New windshield to be installed free-of-charge by Safelite AutoGlass

Check on progress of Member Projects

  • Tom M. built a PCB board for the motor controllers on the desktop milling machine - it plugs in like a shield!

New equipment/donations

  • There is a box with the parts to a laptop. It is unlabeled and has been here for over a week
    • Dominic C suggests a policy where unmarked items are labeled with a date. If they remain unclaimed (via labeling and storing), it will be available for anyone to claim for a project or disposal.


  • RECAP: Toner Transfer Workshop (February 15, 1 pm)
    • Turnout could've been better
    • Example etch was really good
    • Personal, anecdotal feedback was positive
    • Identified potential for separate EagleCad workshop
  • RECAP: SWE Expo (February 22)
    • Put a 3D printer explanation video on the laptop, so people can watch the video themselves
    • Suggestion to create a "booth bag"
    • Next year, have an activity for the kids to make something
    • Recommend more than 2 people to run the booth
    • Need to have ability to sign new members
  • Intro to CNC (March 15th)
    • Tom M says he will be ready, only needs a projector
  • Intro to Programming for Humans and other Non-robots (March 29)
    • Dominic C to run
  • Wichita Art and Book Fair (May 9-11)
    • Plan to be present, but not to do big demo or activity
    • Ideas for things to bring
      • Remote control balloon
      • Laser spirograph
      • Mechanical spirograph
      • Scott's Drawbot
      • Touch table
      • Infinity mirror
      • The usual suspects
      • Robot Arm
        • 3D printer
        • Small foam cutter
        • PCB Mill
    • Tom M to communicate plans to Chris G
          • Chris says He'll be in contact in 2 or 3 weeks
    • Tom M to confirm booth size
          • Chris is thinking 10x20 along the south east wall
  • Basic Sewing Workshop (May 17)
  • Riverfest (May 30-June 6)
    • STEM Activities
      • "We are go"
      • Meeting tomorrow to discuss and narrow projects list
      • Next meeting to meet w/ other organizations involved with STEM-related activities
    • Non-STEM Presence
      • Need to decide if we're going to do this
      • Need to decide projects/activities for this
        • Tom M suggests a collaborative, additive styrofoam-project
        • Mike suggests asking other orgs to collaborate with us on a public event at Riverfest

Any topics from members who are present

  • Taxes
    • James has offered to donate towards the cost of taxes
    • Will have them completed by his H&R block

Meeting closed at 19:05