Forge Committee August 11, 2021

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From Original Forum Post (Link to Post)


  • Michael Atherton - Vice Chair
  • Dean Day
  • James Lancaster
  • Tom Bloom

2x72 Grinder

  • Mike A. / Rustin A.: Work to completion of project slow/frozen due to outstanding time commitments.
  • All parts to complete project present, just need time to cut/weld/fit/test.
  • Question about belt material procurement raised. Unknown quantity and grit for grinder already on site, will try to get inventory of grit/type.

Insurance Issue

  • Much discussion around how/why this has hampered the committee.
  • James L. had copy of the 2016 West Bend policy in effect during operation of forges at Douglass building.
  • Unsure of possible changes/restrictions in place with the current policy.
  • James L. would try to obtain the up to date policy language and look for changes/issues.


  • Dean D.: Ability to bring up a small scale/size foundry operation in relative short time
  • MakeICT currently has very small scale foundry abilities in jewelry lab for lost wax/spin casting.
  • Holding off further discussion until insurance matter is cleared up.