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General Information

The MakeICT Gallery is a shared space; it has always been a shared space.

The MakeICT Gallery is a juried space. The jury is the Gallery Committee with, as needed, outside advice.

Statements of direction:

Acceptable works:

  1. Original works created by MakeICT members.
  2. Derivative works created by MakeICT members .
  3. Original works created by non MakeICT members.
  4. other works.

Note issues concerning intellectual property and or fair use will be the responsibility of the creator.

Works will be accepted into the MakeICT gallery under these conditions:

  1. Works will be accepted for a specified duration.
  2. Works will only be accepted when they are gallery ready
    • Gallery ready works will have a written creator/artist statement
    • Gallery ready works will have appropriate mounting and furniture such that the work can be displayed in a professional manner.
  3. A signed written contract will be in place before a work is accepted. (editors note; no contract has been presented to or approved by the board for this purpose, yet)
  4. Works left for more than 60 days beyond the end of the contract will be abandoned, with prejudice.
    • Abandoned work will either be sold for the sole benefit of MakeICT or broken up and thrown in the trash.

There is a long standing tradition of makers and making that draws from the:

  • Arts and Crafts movement
  • Bauhaus School of Design
  • MakeICT

I have not used the terms Art, Artist, Craft, Craftsman, as MakeICT gallery will draw from the above traditions for guidance.

The MakeICT Gallery is the interface between MakeICT and the Wichita Community, the fundamental goal is to show what Makers at MakeICT can create.

Gallery or Showroom refer to,the same area.

Equipment Access Policy


All Equipment

  • Pedestals, and other mounts to be used to display works will remain in the show room.

Borrowing Items

Items for Purchase

Works will be accepted for sale using the standard 80/20 split with 20% to MakeICT

example: Commission to the artist $100.00

20% to MakeICT $20.00

Sales Tax 7,5% $9.00

Selling price $129.00

Items can be marked NFS not for sale

Component Library


  • The gallery/showroom will sponsor classes and lectures that are of interest to members and the public.


Equipment List

  • Policies may change with the needs of the department and may go into affect before this page is updated to reflect it.