June 19 2017

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Roll Call

  • Board Members
    • Logan Pajunen
    • Tracy Hoover
    • Kip Landwehr
    • Christian Kindel
    • Curt Gridley
    • James Lancaster
    • Dominic Canare
  • Members
    • David Springs
    • Jeremiah Burian
    • Kim Burton
    • Malissa Long
    • Matt Pogue
    • Mike Barushok
    • Mike Hutton
    • Tom McGuire

Standing Items

  • Treasurer’s Report

New Business

  • Woodshop issues
    • SawStop cartridge was blown
      • The member in question called Mike and admitted that he messed up
      • Member was told not to run aluminum on the SawStop during safety class and again by a member after he did it
      • Complaints have been made about this member using the woodshop constantly, leaving projects and a lot of materials, etc.
      • We’re concerned by the fact that they are knowingly breaking rules, not the fact that they are doing commercial work in the makerspace
      • Member also claims that they talked to the board about how much they would be using the equipment and the kind of work they were going to be doing.
        • Several board members have no recollection of ever meeting member
      • Member asked to borrow Poorman’s forklift
      • It isn’t (or at least wasn’t) possible to access the cabinets in the woodshop
      • Suggestion that we should request a donation from the member to offset the cost of the damages to the
        • Concern raised that such a thing would instill a sense of, “I can come in and wreak havoc and just pay my way out of it when I’m done,” as well as a sense of how much
      • Motion to suspend member’s membership for 90 days, with the suspension to be reviewed by the board at that time.
        • Motion withdrawn
      • Motion to suspend member’s membership for 90 days, the suspension to be reviewed by the board at that time, and that we bill him $2500 for damages to the space and the community.
        • Motion withdrawn
    • SawStop saw fence was damaged (not sure by whom)
    • SawStop belt was shredded and need replaced (not sure how or why)
      • Speculation to what caused it…
  • Motion to reimburse Logan for his airfare and two night hotel stay for his trip to Washington, D.C. for the Nation of Makers meeting, if and only if he distributes his written report to the membership and he sends his receipts to the treasurer.
    • Motion passes with 5 yes votes

Decision Summary

    Task Summary