June 27 2016

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Roll Call

  • Logan Pajunen
  • Dominic Canare
  • Matt Pogue
  • Kip Landwehr
  • James Lancaster
  • Tom McGuire
  • Barb Davis
  • Tracy Hoover
  • Curt Gridley
  • Mike Hutton
  • Jens Torell
  • Dustin Richey
  • Mike Barushok
  • Christian Kindel
  • John Alexander
  • Jeremiah Loder

Old Business

  • No Items

New Business

  • Open Wichita & devICT
    • No discussion on Open Wichita or devICT due to absence of Seth and Jacob
  • ArtDOG donor letters
    • @TODO (Logan, no date): Send thank you letters to our ArtDOG donors
  • Million Cups
    • Logan will speak at million cups
  • Maker Faire Wichita
    • MakeICT has not received maker applications from Exploration Place yet
    • Need a committee for accepting applications
  • Project Storage Policy
    • Have a meeting with the general membership in the next month
      • @TODO (Logan, no date): Call a meeting with the general membership to discuss project storage policies
  • Bus
    • Still at Logan's
    • Needs detailed
    • @TODO (Barb, no date): Pursue transfer of title and insurance for the bus
    • End goal is a mobile art display
    • Suggestion to transfer Bus and all funding for it to the Outreach Program
      • Who is the Outreach Program?
      • Would they want the project?
        • If they don't, should we "scrap" the project?
  • Classroom and ERP Lab A/C
    • Tom contacted the landlord about this
    • Landlord had no objections, but we never heard back about the landlord helping fund it
    • @TODO (Tom, no date): Ask landlord to help pay for A/C in the classroom and ERP Lab
  • Contract Signatures
    • Don't sign anything legally binding without running it by Logan first
  • Insurance
    • Policy is up for renewal
    • Tracy, Jens, Logan, and Mike Hutton will review the policy
    • Tracy scanned the current policy
      • The policy is currently in the Drive under Accounting
        • Will need to be moved to a more appropriate place later
  • Scheduled Reviews of Departments and BDs
    • Logan would like to have a BD on the agenda for every meeting to make sure they're getting what they need from the Board
  • Board Accessibility
    • Quarterly social gatherings between the Board and the general membership
  • Renaming BDs
    • Area Director
    • Area Lead
    • Benevolent Dudes
    • Discuss options at the next meeting
  • Programs
    • Outreach and Maker Academy
      • Missing opportunities, so we need to get these going
      • Need to assign directors for these programs
        • Need to define roles
      • Arts Partners contacted Tom
        • Wants a workshop for us to teach them how to teach the sort of things we do
        • Dom and Tom will have a meeting to discuss

Executive Session

  • No Items
  • What is Executive Session?
    • "Closed door" meetings of the Elected Officers
    • Would be to discuss things that need to be discussed in a smaller group

General Topics and TODOs

  • @DECISION: The next meeting will take place on July 11, 2016.

Decision Summary

    Task Summary