March 24 2014

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Meeting Time: 5:30pm Location: Bluebird Arthouse

All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.


  • Treasurer Report
    • Bank balance: $741.65
    • Paypal: $395.78
    • Total: $1137.43
  • Taxes
    • James will submit taxes at HR Block
    • Working on annual report
  • Wild Apricot
    • Everyone is in system but not active yet
    • Continued work to activate member profiles and add functionality

Policies and Procedures

Check on progress of Building Topics/Projects

  • Door access update (PC board not working)
    • basic web interface working (on bit bucket)
    • need to troubleshoot card reader
  • EL Sign (we have a new inverter)
    • working!
    • need instruct able
  • Bus
    • brakes are done
    • batteries are installed
    • ready to connect controller
    • windshield ordered
    • doors being painted
  • 3D printer explanation video
    • to do
  • Cleanup Dropbox/Google Drive
    • to do

Check on progress of Member Projects

  • James competing with Dustin on Hack a day contest
  • drawbot being revamped
  • tesla coil functioning

New equipment/donations


  • Arduino Day (March 29th)
  • (Real) Computing for Humans and other Non-robots (April 19th)
  • Wichita Art and Book Fair (May 9-11)
  • Basic Sewing Workshop (May 17)
  • Riverfest (May 30-June 6)
  • School STEM Days
    • April 17 - Mead Middleschool
    • May 1 - Mclean Magnet
  • Kansas City Makerfaire (June 28-29)
  • Hello World Program (summer) - need to let them know if we will host them for a weekend [1]

Any topics from members who are present

  • Network Kansas
    • suggestions to network with peers in resource library
    • want to make their services available to our members
    • suggested a physical resources space at bluebird

Meeting closed @ 1915