May 15 2017

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Roll Call

  • Board Members
    • Logan Pajunen
    • Tracy Hoover
    • Kip Landwehr
    • Curt Gridley
    • James Lancaster
    • John Alexander
    • Dominic Canare (late)
  • Members
    • Tom McGuire
    • Malissa Long
    • Hannah Shiner
    • Mike Barushok (late)
    • Mike Hutton (late)

Standing Items

  • Treasurer’s report
    • April Snapshot
  • Maker Faire update
  • RiverFest update

Old Business

  • Election update
    • @TODO (Logan, no date): Send out an election update email via MailChimp.
  • Slab roller for ceramics - John Cody
    • Can purchase from Evans?? for $700
    • Can purchase same one online for ~$650
    • Motion to approve up to $300 to build a slab roller for Ceramics
      • Motion passes - 7 yes, 0 no
    • @DECISION: The expenditure of up to $300 is approved to build a slab roller for Ceramics.
  • Discuss options to revise bylaws
    • Lots of arguing and complaining about not being able to have a Special Meeting, none of which is actually helpful in the current situation.
    • Motion to reaffirm that the Board of Directors has the power to call a Special Meeting
      • Motion fails: 4 yes and 4 no.

New Business

  • Tormach access policy - Curt Gridley
    • Proposed Access Policy for Tormach PCNC-1100 Mill:
        1. Only current members who are authorized may operate the Tormach PCNC-1100 Mill.
        2. In order to be authorized to operate the Tormach Mill, a member must demonstrate through a skills test safe and proper operation of the mill to an approved authorizer, listed on the Wiki.
        3. Instruction will be available that demonstrates the safe and proper operation of the mill that is required.
        4. A member may be authorized for limited operation of the Tormach Mill for the sole purpose of practicing for the skills test.
        5. Some general machining knowledge or background will also be essential. A list of instructional material that covers this background information will be made available.
        6. Users are required to read and abide by the current MakeICT PCNC-1100 Operational Guidelines (link). These guidelines will evolve over time and users must abide by the latest version.
        7. If an authorized user fails to abide by the Operational Guidelines, or operates the mill in a manner deemed unsafe, authorization will be reviewed and possibly revoked until the member can demonstrate safe operation of the mill.
        8. Prior participation in the Intro to CNC: Shopbot class is highly recommended.
        9. Metal shop authorization is required to operate the Tormach Mill.
    • Motion to approve Tormach Access Policy as written above
      • Motion passes - 6 yes, 1 no
    • Template:Decision: The Tormach Access Policy is approved.
  • Discuss ability to update standing rules
    • Will have a Board meeting on Tuesday, May 30 to discuss and vote on new standing rules.
  • Discuss curtains / blinds for front of building - Curt, Malissa,
    • Build a wall?
      • Will only cost ~$500 and we can insulate it
      • But will also block natural light and keep people from seeing in and out
    • Curtains?
      • Motion to approve up to $100 to explore the option of curtains/drapes
        • Motion passes - 7 yes, 0 no
      • @DECISION: The expenditure of up to $100 is approved to explore the option of curtains/drapes for the front.
      • Motion to strike the previous approval and approve $600 for curtains and rods for the front.
        • Motion passes - 8 yes, 0 no
      • @DECISION: The previous approval for curtains is removed and up to $600 is approved for curtains and rods for the front.
      • Motion to approve $2300 for A/C in the classroom.
        • Motion died - was not seconded
      • Will have a proposal from Curt and Malissa by end of May.
  • Authorize spending on sewing machines in time for MakerFaire and girl scout event - Curt, Malissa, et. al.
    • $260 for 2 machines
    • Would give us 4 machines that are identical
    • Motion to approve the expenditure of up to $260 for two sewing machines
      • Motion passes - 6 yes, 0 no
    • @DECISION: The expenditure of up to $260 for two sewing machines is approved.
  • Town hall maker-grant - Malissa
    • If Malissa can get buy-in from community members, then we can vote via email if we want her to apply.
    • Don’t want this to fall flat. It would look bad.
    • Don’t want to receive the grant and then turn it down -- Poor taste
  • Classroom A/C
    • Curt demands A/C in the Metalshop if we put it in the Classroom

Decision Summary

    Task Summary