October 9 2017 - Area Leads Meeting

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AGENDA Art show update: push stuff donation.

Paid safety classes update: approved!

Alternative market-did SWE get help with Sewing? dunno if swe will work out

North End Urban Arts Festival: how did it go? AWESOME!

Garage Sale update: permit aquired! nov 4th SECURITY!! ask susan if we can use the gallery.

open streets-how did it go?friggen crazy. put a limit (stack of shirts guy)

Delano Fall Fair-how did it go? quiet.. we didn't commit anyway.

Encampment 2018: anything new..nope

new stuff leverage random offers for help - volunteer for the volunteer committee

metal shop wall- discuss with landlord ask Tom McGuire.

add assistants to the wiki


If you do not intend to continue your position, please find someone to relinquish it to

Keep your current budget in mind, and start planning your budget for next year.

The next meeting is the November 13 2017 - Area Leads Meeting