Taking out the trash

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  1. Pull the liner from the trash can
  2. Tie off the liner
  3. Pull up a new bag from the bags at the bottom of the trash can
    • If there are no bags in the bottom of the trash can, go to the janitorial closet and find a bag that fits
    • If you used the last bag in the can, put a new roll or bunch of bags in the bottom from the janitorial closet
    • If we are out of trash bags, please note that on the list on the inside door of the janitorial closet.
  4. Secure the new bag by knotting or a rubber band if it is loose.
  5. Repeat until you have all the bags from the rooms.
  6. Take the trash to the dumpster. The dumpster is just to the right outside the north door. (The door that leads to the parking lot up front near the main entrance.
  7. Record this in the volunteer record. We use this to obtain matching funds, so this is important!