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MakeICT is run entirely by volunteers, but it is not always easy to figure out how to get started volunteering here.

We will occasionally run classes on How to Volunteer at MakeICT, but you don't have to go to a class to get started!

Here are a few ways you can start doing very small things that really help the makerspace:

  • Take out the trash: Grab a trash bag from the Janitorial closet when you come in the building and take the trash out as you exit. The dumpster is on your right as you leave the building!
  • Sweep the floor: On any floor except ceramics, just grab a broom and dust pan from the main janitorial closet or a shop vac from the other janitorial closet and go to town. Please put the equipment back so the next guy has a chance to volunteer. (Check with the ceramics lead before doing any sweeping in there as the dust can be hazardous.)
  • Mop the floor: See a spot where someone didn't clean up a spill or a floor that is just filthy? Do a sweep job and then grab a mop and bucket from the janitorial closet and do it. If you have never used a mop like that before, it is pretty easy... the janitorial closet has a hose on the faucet that will allow you to fill the bucket. (It is easier if it is less than half full.) Then dip the mop in the water and place the mophead in the wringer and squeeze most of the water out. Mop. Repeat. Dump the water and hang the mop when you are done.
  • Tidy: Look for things that you know where they go and put them back in that location. If you are not sure where they go, place them neatly together so the next person that comes in can put them back if he/she knows. (If you know where things go, grab a label maker from the office and label it so the next person can put things away!)
  • Wipe down/Dust: Grab a rag from the janitorial closet and dampen it. Clean off shelves and counters that look dusty and dirty.
  • Replace soap. toilet paper and paper towels: Check to see if the bathrooms are stocked. Soap, Toilet paper and paper towels should be in the janitorial closet. There are also the keys there to open the dispensers.

A great way to break into volunteering is to help the Membership Committee email: membership@makeict.org for more info.

  • Help people get checked in on a Maker Monday.
  • Shadow a tour guide on Maker Monday and become one when you are ready. It is a super fun job showing off the maker space.
  • Attend an Orientation as a signer. This is pretty cool because it lets you get to know some of the new people joining the maker space. It is super easy... just listen to the people that are new and if you are feeling brave ask them a question!

Another way to get started is to work an Event with the Education and Events Committee. Email: events@makeict.org for more info:

  • Help with the Renaissance Festival: (You may also have a table in the tent for selling your wares.)
    • Help put up a tent.
    • Be on the Ballista firing team.
    • Explain MakeICT to people who wander in
    • Laser cut the catapults we give away freely to children who come into our tent
    • Help children build and/or fire catapults at a target
  • ComicCon
  • Riverfest
  • Makerfaire
  • Cardboard Regatta
  • Halloween
    • Halloween Party: Help plan and coordinate. Pumpkin carving. Costume contest.
    • Other Halloween event: We haven't had one yet, but much talk about Haunted House and Trunk or Treat...

A great summertime activity that you can volunteer for is lawn maintenance. Email: facilities@makeict.org for more info:

  • Mow the Lawn
    1. Sign up for a mowing slot on the board across from the Welcome Center. If you forget, sign up afterward so we know it has been done.
    2. Post a message on the forum to encourage others to join you!
    3. Bring your riding lawn mower and mow the yard... or hop on ours and do it! (It takes about 3 hours with ours)
      • DO NOT mow inside the courtyard area as that area is maintained by the Garden folks. They are also taking care of the area along the fence.
      • We do mow the South side up to the fence as well as the far West side from the garden/blacktop/building to the trees.
  • Pick up sticks and rocks and other debris that will slow down the lawnmowers
  • Use a trimmer around the space to get weeds that accumulate around the building
  • Use an edger along the sidewalks

Check with an area lead to see if they have a list of things that need to be done in their area.

  • Some of the areas have a list of things that need to be done
  • If an area lead doesn't have a list, offer to help them make a list.
  • Ask your area lead if you can be their right hand help or if it would be helpful for you to take over a particular subarea.

(Equipment that is needed in the Facilities storage area (garage) by the garage door.)
Visit http://makeict.org/volunteer to see our latest opportunities!