2020 Annual Meeting

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Date of meeting: 2020 June 21 at 5pm


Board Members

  • President - David Springs
  • Vice President - Alysa Bumgarner
  • Treasurer - Devin Halsey - Absent
  • Secretary - Rustin Atkeisson
  • At Large Director - LaDeana Dockery
  • At Large Director - Scott Sullivan
  • At Large Director - Josh Robinson
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long
  • Immediate Past President - Kim Burton


  • Jai Chauhan
  • Brad Cozine
  • Kate Goad
  • Terrence Laurendine
  • Angel Mejia
  • Joseph Pajor
  • Paula Pankratz
  • Tom Bloom
  • Steve Saner
  • Steve Owens
  • Patrick Hutchison
  • Jason S
  • Andy
  • Dominic Canare
  • Brian P
  • James Lancaster
  • Dean Day
  • Mike Barushok
  • John Nicholas

Zoom Meeting Link

  • WIll need access to the drive to view contents


Call to order and reading of Annual Report

David Springs, President

  • Moved to a new space that more than doubles our usable space and gives us room to grow
  • New space doesn’t have each area on top of each other like Douglas
  • We are completely out of Douglas
  • Fire hydrant is now in!
  • Re-paved the curb cut on Mt. Vernon (might be where our fire road has to go)

Paula Pankratz

  • With Covid-19, we’re taking the time to paint and make the place look even nicer before we formally open
  • Working on painting, cleaning out the cobwebs, redoing the woodwork
  • Office area will be turned into a welcome center
    • Have stuff like t-shirts for sale
    • Q&A Area
  • Exterior stuff for CO have been completed
    • Cover for dumpster
    • ADA parking is painted
  • Have a classroom pretty much ready to start hosting classes and seminars
  • Classroom 3 has a beautiful huge dry erase board up

David Springs

  • New building brings new opportunities like
    • adding a radio antenna
    • adding a podcast area
    • a space to document their projects in a professional environment
    • adding a letter press group
    • a lot of excitement for a community garden (even the neighbors want to get this going)
    • working towards a kid friendly maker area
  • We are known as one of Wichita’s greatest kept secrets, we need to have more to show to break that secret
  • New building has also brought in new donors
    • Have had big machine tools and several large barrels have been donated by Century Manufacturing
    • Working with aircraft companies about advertising MakeICT and possibly covering a part of monthly memberships

Financial Report

  • David Springs
    • Still have 337 members, our peak this past year was 427 members
    • Building Progress
      • Jai Chauhan - currently working on getting mechanical drawings done to get HVAC going as well as electrical
      • The mechanical engineering is also looking into electrical drawings
      • Working on a survey to look at the HVAC loads in the building and should give us better cost estimates to finish heating and cooling the rest of the building
      • We’ll then be able to take the signed and sealed drawings to licensed contractors to get the tasks done
      • Would then have a kickoff meeting between the engineer and contractors that would also have a final walkthrough
      • Once the deal is signed to get drawings done, then it will be 3 to 4 weeks before contractors
      • Russell Owens may have another engineer that could help but we need to get him onboard immediately, if anyone else knows of someone, we have to know by Monday
      • If we sign a contractor tomorrow, we might be able to fully use the building in mid-August
      • The Partial CO would allow us to use spaces of the building that are not under construction
        • would require signoffs from fire chief, contractors, the city
        • Would open up the classrooms, would not open the shops
      • would need ALL the bathrooms finished
      • also need rooms and hallways clear of construction debris
      • These are needed to meat health, safety, and life requirements
      • Temporary CO would not allow us to meet life/safety code to use the building
      • Will be needing curtains up soon
      • Will be in need of tables to be welded up soon
    • We are seeking out a loan and are waiting on a multi-facetted appraisal
      • Looks at our current membership and how many we’ve lost from Covid-19
      • All of the modifications we have made to the building, and will make
      • Might not get us the amount we need, but would definitely get us close
  • Edit (6/22/2020) - The funding that was presented did not include the amount that was in our PayPal account.

New Business

Candidate Introductions (skip to 1:16 or 6:20pm in the zoom meeting for candidates responses)


  • Jaipal Chauhan [2]
    • Singular focus on getting us in the building
    • Wants to see us build more of a community between the makers - wants to see us cross ferment


  • Scott Sullivan
    • Been a maker for 3-4 yrs, lead of ceramics a couple years, and co-lead
    • Sees that there is still a lot to do and will do the best he can for the makers and makeict
  • Paula Pankratz [3]
    • Looks at the community and what we do and sees the community we have built and wants to continue building that network
    • Wants to start setting goals for the board to aim for in a 1yr, 3yr, and 5yr plan


  • Patrick Hutchison [4]
    • lead of ceramics a couple years, and co-lead, and would like to do more to get us into the new building and create a solid foundation to go forward with
    • Wants to see this amazing thing grow


  • Josh Robinson [5]
    • Been on the board for a yr, been a member for 3 or 4 yrs
    • Seen the chaos that can happen when the treasurer is not able to be there on an almost daily basis
    • currently serves as the treasurer for a much smaller non-profit
    • has been helping David with the banking for the past year
    • agrees with Kate that we need to be transparent and also show the demographics of MakeICT
    • verified that he is bondable
  • Kate Goad [6]
    • Been members since ‘17 or ‘18, current fundraising chair
    • Really want to see the roll of treasurer is as transparent as possible
    • Has 10yrs experience as a tax attorney
    • is bondable

Member at Large

  • Patrick Hutchison
  • Kate Goad
  • Scott Sullivan
  • Doug Wilson
  • Ralph Romig
  • Devin Halsey
  • Frank Mitchell
  • Tom Bloom [7]
    • Been a member on and off since Bluebird, continuously since we were in Douglas
    • Wants to see MakeICT grow and move forward
  • Angelita Mejita
    • Been with makeICT for almost 2yrs
    • Is ready to get in there and see what people are making and wants to help motivate!
  • Paula Pankratz [8]
  • Terrence Laurendine
    • Been a member for about 3yrs
    • Has been helping with the work at Booth
    • Has past experience with boards
    • been a board member for the amateur radio club
    • feels passionate about getting this goal accomplished
  • Brad Cozine [9]
    • Just moved to Wichita right before the move to Booth
    • Been working on MakeICT more than at MakeICT
    • Is excited about getting to start projects at the space but has felt a lot of presence and ownership of the space by working on the space (has done a lot of grout and tile work)
    • Plans on being involved regardless of whether or not he is on the board
    • Will also be voting for Terrance


  • We’ve been allowed to have one raffle a year (year ends July 1st) and we don’t have to apply for a special permit.
  • Sold about 300 tickets by 13 members! Big shout out to Doug WIlson, Steve Thornton, and Alysa for selling the most tickets!

Grand Prize ($2500 cash): 0910 - Kerrie Kiser

1st Prize (tablet - Surface Pro or iPad): 0102 - Cathay Bowman

2nd Prize (big screen 4k 75in TV): 0201 - Greg Gann

3rd Prize (1yr membership to MakeICT): 0216 - Melanie Jennie