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Classes at MakeICT provide an opportunity for knowledgeable individuals to share what they know.

For a list of upcoming classes, visit the calendar. If you have an idea for a class that you'd like to take or teach, please share it on the forum or refer to our web page for class request forms:

We have also held a class on how to teach a class

For inquiries about private classes, send a message to


Authorizations provide people with the required knowledge and approval to operate specific pieces of equipment or work in specific areas.

  • Price for attendees:
    • Members: FREE + materials if there are any
    • Non-members: $20 + materials if there are any
  • Instructors may either volunteer or be paid according to guidelines in the Authorization and Area Leads policy.


Classes can be open to the public or set up at the request of a private group.

  • Price for attendees:
    • Members: class fee only
    • Non-members: $5 facilities fee + class fee
    • Groups: may pay as a flat class fee rate at the discretion of the instructor, in which case a $25 facility fee applies.
  • Instructors
    • Set the class fee (which should include materials and instruction)
    • Purchase/handle/distribute materials, or submit reimbursement request
    • Keep 75% of class fee revenue
  • MakeICT:
    • Provides the venue/facilities
    • Provides advertising
    • Handles registration
    • Handles customer service
    • Keep 100% of facilities fees + 25% of class fee revenues

Compensation for instructors

Instructors who are not volunteering will receive their payments from MakeICT by the 15th day of the following month.

Approved by the board on February 15 2018 as educational plan.

Class pricing calculation example

Instructor’s hourly rate: $20

  • Hours needed for the class: 2
  • Amount spent on supplies: $75
  • Number of students: 10
  • Facility fee for non-members: $5

Attendee price = ([instructor rate]*[hours] + [materials] / 75%) / [# number of students]

  • Instructor take-home total goal: $20*2+$75 = $115
  • Total class revenue needed, including 25% for MakeICT: $115/75% = $154
  • Minimum price per student: $15.40
  • Minimum non-member price: $20.40