February 21 2019

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Roll Call

Board Members

  • President - Kim Burton
  • Vice President - LaDeana Dockery (by phone)
  • Treasurer - David Springs (absent)
  • Secretary - Ken Steadman
  • At Large Director - Barb Davis
  • At Large Director - Rustin Atkeisson
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long (absent)
  • At Large Director - James Lancaster


Dean Day Scott Sullivan Angel Mejia

Standing Items

  • Thanks & recognition
    • Cleanup day helpers! LaDeana, Kim, Ward Jewel, John Withers, Shannon, Pam Warrior, Dianne, Alysa… Shannon has the names. It was an awesome day thanks for helping!
    • Tuesday arduino group is morphing into an open project night, it’s a great idea
    • Kim suggests a cleanup day wish list from area leads
  • Safety and security
    • Vehicle break-in up front. Lock your car and keep valuables out of sight.
  • Treasurer's report

Program updates


Vacancy filling

  • Makerspace Director - Vacant
    • the necessity of the position is discussed and tabled until July.

Is the bus on auction yet?

  • unknown-probably not

Educational Program Updates

Policy proposals

Voting policy - board members were asked last month to review this, here is a new version with the wiki change display:

If we can't get the bylaws changed, how do we want to handle the ranked preference voting?


Bylaws meeting January 27. Working folder here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1A_MsjNgcZFY75iPhsQ9Gy2pySIEuBw9i - sent for legal review

  • Barb moves to to accept. Rustin moves to second. Five in favor, one abstaining
    • @DECISION: Motion approved to adopt new Voting Policy.

Upcoming events

  • Next quarterly meeting: March

SWE Expo - Need volunteers for the wind tunnel on March 30 2019.

Committee Reports

Requested items from each committee:

  • Accomplishments this month
  • Upcoming goals
  • Where do you need help/how to get involved?

IT - Tom Bloom

  • Wild Apricot is charging an extra 20% if we do not use their payment processor.
    • Three options
      • 1. Renew for a year (saves $16/month and skates the fee for now)
      • 2. Keep paying monthly and deal with the increase Paypal use surcharge (cost an extra $450/yr)
      • 3. Create our own version of Wild Apricot (will take some time, and may take a lot more managing) - Unlikely on short timeline
  • Matter tabled until March meeting, we’ll present a detailed report of costs for each option.

Membership (and Community outreach) - Shannon Fisher

Our last meeting was on January 13, 2019 Members present: Eric, Ladeana, Shannon

We are working with Security to get contact information for new members as the current key forms do not include contact information. Security has been doing a great job of scanning and emailing the forms to Shannon - Thank you! This information will help Shannon recruit volunteers for future events.

We organized a SOUPer Duper Clean-Up day on February 10th and had almost 20 volunteers show up to help clean and organize the space! We saw lots of new faces. Thanks to everyone for their help!

New Building - Jens Torell

Creator Showroom - Dean Day

February will be a great show, it’s being set up now.

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - LaDeana Dockery

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman

Finished all the lockers in the coworking space so they can be individually locked

Scholarships- Nick Endicott

Outreach (and Education) - Daryl Goad

Rusty has a contact who’d like presenters on the topic of robots on March 28th. Refer to the forums.

Fundraising- Meghan Iacuzzi

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - Nicole Kirkhart

Barb makes motion to adjourn, Ken seconds, five in favor, abstaining

    • @DECISION: Motion approved adjourn.

Decision Summary

    Task Summary