October 2 2019

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2019 October 2 MOD Committee meeting minutes


Roll Call

Board Members

  • Secretary - Rustin Atkeisson


  • Patrick Hutchison
  • James Lancaster
  • Paula Pankratz
  • John Nicholas
  • JaiPal Chauhan

Old Business

New Business

  • Need to approach modifications with the intent of doing them the right way. This is our new home, and it will most likely be that way for a long time to come.
  • As Projects progress, we need to make sure we are capturing photos not just of the projects, but also of the people knocking out the projects.
  • Members need to be careful about modifying the building without coordinating with the MOD committee first
  • Building is considered 5A: Non-Fire Sprinkler System Required Building


  • Should be able to provide itemized estimate in a week
  • Would like to bring out an electrical inspector to get their input on the wiring
    • Would also need a journeyman around while doing the major electrical work
  • Building currently wired with a 3 phase 400amp main panel, and several sub panels
    • This would make it easier to run a ‘trunk’ line out to the west end of the building for a sub panel with enough juice to handle the wood shop and metal shop
    • wiring running to additional sub-panels should be underground to improve how much amperage the wires can handle
  • currently have 5 sub panels
    • Panel D is 100amp and in the South hall
    • Panel C is also 100 amps and in the West hall
    • Panels A, B, and the Univent panels are in the boiler room
    • Emergency Panel is also located in the boiler room. Typically, Emergency Panels are used with an emergency generator, so anything powered by the generator is controlled here. Without a generator, it centralizes circuits that provide power for Emergency Lighting, Exit Signage, Security Functions and alarm systems. Note: There is not a generator on premises.


  • Should be able to provide itemized estimate in two weeks
  • Need to look into current health of current HVAC systems at Booth
    • current heaters in rooms do not work
    • may have to consider using special dampers if individual A/C units are used to cool more than one room
  • Still plan to have HVAC in the entire building
  • Might want to consider how adding solar panels in the future would impact the HVAC system (might have to go with mini-splits or heat pumps to take care of HVAC)

Bad Stuff Remediation/Safety

  • Need to consider fresh air provisions for most of the rooms
    • Most of the rooms have ventilation, but we would need to add fans to draw air out of rooms
  • Should contact KDHE about potential asbestos tile and adhesives
    • Would prefer to have bare concrete floors in the wood shops/metal shops if remediating the asbestos isn’t a huge concern
    • There is a hydronic heating in the floors of room 1 and 2 that could contain asbestos, so we would have to be careful about drilling through the floor
  • Need to have tile samples sent off for testing
    • It is not impossible to remediate Asbestos tile since the tile is considered non-frizzing form

Grounds Improvements

  • Need to find out how much dirt is needed to improve the drainage round the building.

Building/Room Accessibility

  • Metal shop would prefer 2 separate rooms (a clean room, and a not so clean room)
  • Wood Shop would prefer a doorway between rooms so that people can be observed in the adjacent room (improved safety of the space)
    • Could put up to a 42in wide door between rooms to retain fire rating of building
    • Need to find out if there is a maximum size for doors leading to the hallway, but it sounds like it is cheaper to put an extra door in the hallway than it is to put in a door between rooms


  • The building has fairly good fluorescent lighting throughout but we should look into sources for replacing all the fluorescent lights with LEDs.


  • number of bathroom stalls needed may end up being determined by the certificate of occupancy.
  • any bathroom added would need to be heated

Phase 2?

  • Ceramics studio
    • Would like at least 4 220v outlets
    • could potentially add a sink along wall common to boiler room
    • or potentially add 3 gallon instant hot water heater in chase in the west hall bathrooms

Decision Summary

    Task Summary