Discrimination and Harassment Policy

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Modification approved at December_15th_2022 Board Meeting (changes in italics):

“We will respect confidentiality requests for the purpose of protecting victims of abuse. Investigations will be kept as confidential as possible. At our discretion, the results of substantiated investigations may be made public if we believe that doing so will increase the safety of MakeICT members or the general public. We will not name harassment victims without their affirmative consent. Nothing in this section precludes contacting the police or other legal authorities when indicated."

Founding and Purpose

The Discrimination and Harassment Policy committee was created by the Board at the July 21, 2022 meeting to:

  • Write a code of conduct with more detail than the current “be excellent to each other”
  • Create appropriate reporting mechanisms and policy for handling complaints on the code of conduct and anti discrimination policies
  • Determine appropriate outside resources to support the organization in handling complaints
  • Report the recommendations to the Board


Committee Chair: Sherry Ibrahim

Vice Chair: Jessica Wiley


  • Kim Nguyen
  • Michael Atherton
  • Ethan Doak
  • Aaron Rivers
  • James Lancaster
  • Serena Oden-Powers
  • Gretchen Koch


Next Meeting: Friday, February 24 at 5:30PM in Classroom 3

Tuesday, January 31 at 7PM in Classroom 3

Tuesday, December 20 at 7PM in Classroom 1

Tuesday, November. 29 at 7PM in Classroom 3

Tuesday, November 15 at 7PM in Classroom 3

Tuesday, November 1 at 7PM in Classroom 3

Tuesday, October 18 at 7PM in Classroom 1

Committee Recommendations for Art Displays

  • Because some art features sensitive topics, but we desire not to censor art, the following recommendations are made:
    • Art with sensitive subjects should be displayed so that passersby can choose not to engaged with the art
    • "Trigger warnings" should be provided on the outside of the exhibit
    • One simple way to achieve this is to face the art away from the rest of the room and away from main walkways through the room
    • creating visual barriers, such as temporary room dividers, to separate the art gallery from the rest of the room is another method suggested

Code of Conduct

See Code of Conduct Policy, adopted in Nov 2022, and updated Dec 2022