June 21 2018

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Roll Call

Previous Board Members

  • President - Kim Burton
  • Vice President - James Lancaster
  • Treasurer - David Springs
  • Secretary - Rustin Atkeisson
  • At Large Director - Kip Landwehr
  • At Large Director - LaDeana Dockery
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long (absent)
  • At Large Director - Kez Cook

Current Board Members

  • President - Kim Burton
  • Vice President - LaDeana Dockery
  • Treasurer - David Springs
  • Secretary - Kez Cook
  • At Large Director - Paul Maseberg
  • At Large Director - Jeremiah Burian
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long (absent)
  • At Large Director - James Lancaster

Members and Guests

  • Sam Schurter
  • Will Luther
  • Tracy Hoover
  • Ken Steadman
  • Christian Kindel
  • Zac Linhart
  • Tom Bloom
  • Joel Gutierrez
  • Scott Sullivan
  • Devin Halsey
  • Trysten Jones
  • Curt Gridley

Standing Items

  • Treasurer's report
    • Balances presented, cash flow report for next month
  • Previous minutes
    • May 4 2018 James moves to approve minutes, LaDeana seconds, 5 in favor, motion carries
    • May 21 2018 James moves to approve minutes, LaDeana seconds, 5 in favor, motion carries
  • Safety & security
    • Review/disclose any recent concerns about safety and security
      • Fall awareness - don’t fall
  • Thanks & recognition
    • Tons of riverfest volunteers!
      • Barb Davis is a most amazing person
      • Kim Burton
      • Patrick Hutchison
      • LaDeana Dockery
      • Malissa Long
      • Rhonda Davis
      • Mark Esau
      • Krissie Lagana
      • Drew Holler
      • David Span
    • Thanks Trysten Jones for cleaning
    • Thanks Malissa, LaDeana, Sam and David Span for a lot of Annual Meeting setup
    • Thanks Tracy for picking up the box funds while David is out
    • Thanks Curt, Kip and Christian for counting the ballots on a short timeline for our annual election
    • Thanks Devin and Joel for cleaning and prepping the space for Final Friday

New Business


  • Ken Steadman has been nominated as security lead
    • Kez moves, LaDeana seconds - 7 in favor
      • @DECISION: Vote passes to appoint Ken Steadman as the Security lead.
    • David moves that the security lead can dismiss members of the security staff without going through the board. Committee members must be up to date on Security team. Kez seconds.
      • side note: Kez to update the committee contacts on wiki.
      • @DECISION: The security lead may dismiss members of the security staff without board approval. Committee members must be up to date on Security team.
    • LaDeana moves that the security lead can appoint members of the security staff without going through the board. Committee members must be up to date on Security team. Paul seconds. 5 in favor. 2 opposed.
      • @DECISION: The security lead may appoint members of the security staff without board approval. Committee members must be up to date on Security team.
  • Has membership form been updated per our last resolution? [IT] - have not had time to finish it
  • Proposal that we notify members when keys are revoked
    • Discussion: not looking for details, just anytime there was a security concern and something was done, that information is sent to the membership. We should favor our membership and let them decide how to use that information.
      • Kim errs more toward the side of caution.
      • Curt, there’s no downside to communicating.
      • Possibly play “Danger Will Robinson” when a key is revoked.
    • Table to form into a policy to bring next month.


  • DevICT/KLF moving out progress
    • No progress.
  • Makerspace
    • Insurance questions were brought up at the last meeting (how do we count people, ages, etc) David Springs to report out on any meetings with our insurers. No report.
    • Mark Satoria has been suggested as ERP area lead.
      • Rustin said two of the area leads are currently in the meeting. They are not currently listed as assistants on the wiki.
    • Would anyone like to nominate Mark Satoria.?
      • David motions to appoint Mark Satoria as ERP Area Lead. Jeremiah Burian seconds.
        • Discussion:
          • LaDeana asked what the assistants think.
          • Zac wants to know if Mark is aware that Trysten and Rustin are assistants.
          • Christian appointed Mark as the interim AL.
          • Christian contacted others who previously showed interest.
          • Kez says let’s go with Mark. Zac agres. JB agrees.
          • JB said that Mark sought us out and asked if he could step up.
          • Curt: the membership probably doesn’t know that there was an opening.
          • The con of just appointing him now is not collecting information from the membership.
          • David: said something ??
          • Kim: next time have a vacancy, we need to announce to the membership and open the opportunity to the membership to step up. 5 in favor, 2 opposed.
      • @DECISION: Mark Satoria is appointed as the ERP Area Lead.
        • Let Mark know that he MUST appoint assistants.

Lake Afton Observatory Partnership

  • James Lancaster to write up proposal. No update.
    • @TODO (James, no date): write proposal for partnership with Lake Afton Observatory.

Education Workgroup

  • Kim to sent out incredibly large class interest survey http://bit.ly/makeict130
  • Discussion about education: anything else?
    • A class in how to be a better MakeICT.
    • A class on volunteering, on leveraging volunteers, volunteer recruiting.

Offsite equipment

Annual meeting planning

  • How did it go?
    • Longer, too short. It’s also a social, we shouldn’t forget that.
    • Larger font on the announcement signs that are posted.
    • Food first is great.
    • Election Discussion
      • Survey Monkey was funky (went straight to spam).
      • Kip had already set stuff up.
      • The data was able to be pulled and analyzed easily.
      • Counting methodology was STV - single transferable vote.
        • weird…
      • Survey Monkey does averages and does not work for our purposes.
      • How many people voted? 115 voted.
      • Why did we do this ranking thing?
      • Why did we accept nominations after the nominations closed?
      • Solutions:
        • Nominations committee? Good idea.
        • Sam: there’s no point in a cut off policy.
        • Kip suggests that all nominations and acceptances are made public.
        • Kim: put it on the all member survey that will be going out.
          • @TODO (Kim Burton, no date): Put question on all member survey to determine if members want all nominations and acceptances to be made public next year.
        • James: offering to do the nomination/election committee.
        • Christian: the board has always run the election. It’s not a new thing this year.
        • James: it’s always been the responsibility of the secretary to run the election.
        • Discussing raw voting data: Curt’s concerned about providing raw data. Possibly have a Q&A session. Curt says that we should have an explanation session on how it was done regardless of if we just send it out or if we do the Q&A. Kim: can we send out the totals instead of the raw data.
        • LaDeana motions that we have an open, town hall style meeting about voting. James L. second.
          • Discussion:
            • Who’s will schedule?
            • LaDeana will.
            • @TODO (LaDeana, no date): Organize a town hall style meeting to discuss how the votes were analyzed.
          • Vote: 6 in favor. JB abstains.
        • @DECISION: Board to hold public Town Hall meetings to discuss election data and results.
        • LaDeana moves that we should send anonymized raw data to any members who request it. Kim seconds.
          • JB states that he has a conflict of interest, since he wants to see the data. (But was already involved in discussion, and proceeded to vote anyways.)
          • Vote: 5 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstained.
        • @DECISION: Anonymized raw data to be sent to members upon request.

Committee Reports


  • Finance (David)
    • Where are new building funds allocated? No update.
  • New Building.
    • Jens was not asked for a report.
  • How did NOMCON Santa Fe go?
    • LaDeana: networking meeting more than anything else. Volunteered to help write a book about moving our makerspace.
    • Kim would love a blog post about this.
    • Sam went to NOMCON too.
  • Special Projects (Mike).
    • We voted to sell the bus but nothing has happened.
    • David offered to actively work on the bus.
    • Sam: what did the Dallas Makerspace want to trade it for?
      • No specifics were ever given.
    • It’s not really urgent. We got a new tag.
  • Membership and Events (LaDeana). No update. - might like a new lead?
    • Who wants to give membership stats, membership or treasurer?
  • IT (Christian K). We’ve had a lot of people volunteer to be on the IT committee. He will be contacting them this week.
  • Security (David S). No update.
  • Scholarships (Kim). No one has requested scholarships.
  • Outreach (Barb). No update.
  • Makerfaire (James S)
    • Really needs volunteers. Booths and volunteers.
    • Need volunteers for the wind tunnel.
  • Fundraising/Donor recognition (Paul M)
    • Annual auction is coming up. Let Paul know if you want to help.
    • LaDeana and Malissa just worked on a grant proposal.
    • If you hear of a grant and want to try for it, talk to LaDeana.
    • Maybe we could make a grant group.
    • Devin has a friend who’s written grants (that is also a member (or former member?)).
  • Communications (LaDeana)
    • Communications torch passed from James L. to LaDeana.
  • Showroom (Dean D)
    • Devin and Joel cleaned up and prepped for the last Final Friday.
  • Consignment
    • Kim is still working on it. Needs photos.
    • Consignment committee was dissolved at last board meeting.
    • Vortex is selling our gift cards.
    • Discussion about why don’t we want to make our consignment discussion public?
  • NOMCOM to talk at quarterly meeting.

That Which May Arise

  • Security Concerns - Where are we on weapons regarding bringing them in or making them at the space?
    • No guns being made or working on them.
    • David can re-invite the ATF guys to come and talk to us, but needs to focus on treasurer things.
    • Zac volunteered to help work on the policy.
      • @TODO (Zac Linhart, Before the next board meeting.): Create a policy proposal regarding working on weapons in the makerspace.
  • James: Can we move the next board meeting up or back a week?
    • Discussion taken offline.
  • Kez moves that we adjourn. LaDeana seconds. Passes.

Decision Summary

    Task Summary