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Kez can be seen often bouncing around MakeICT in a Fez handing out Pez's.

Kez Cook


Though it has been wiped from my memory, I am told I was born at a very young age in the milds of southwestern Oklahoma. I was held captive at various swimming pools in the area until I was old enough to lead a rebellion and force them to teach me the ways of the farce. Thus I became first a Lifeguard and then a Water Safety Instructor. Over the ensuing years, I guarded, both paid and unpaid, the wet youth of my region. Taught swimming lessons, both for fun, profit, and necromancy. Until, that age that befalls us all, caused powers-that-be to decree that I must be educated in endeavors beyond the pool. Thus, as the shining gates of the pool, closed behind me. I began traveling the galaxy. 1.61681e-11 parsecs away, I attended Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri graduating in May 2012 with an Associates degree of Science. I returned to Oklahoma to but alas the gates of the pool were still closed to me. Traveling again, I chose to attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, OK, in quite northern Oklahoma. But was not attacked by polar bears. I finally wandered back down south towards home and slowly earned a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from East Central University in December 2015. I then passed my Board of Certification exam in February 2016 and am a Certified Athletic Trainer. In the words of Principal McGee, if you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter. With my diploma in hand, I returned to the shining waters of my youth. I performed the rite of R’lyeh before the shining pool holding the Loc-Nar in my hand. There arose a Zoltar the impatient, who revealed unto me my destiny in life. A non-profit organization here in Wichita.

I like flowers. Probably Star Trek too. Likely Doughnuts. Who knows what she likes, I just write the bios. I’m known for my boundless energy, and ability to make people happy. Currently a project has been created to harness that energy to run the 3D printers. At MakeICT: Spear-heading: the ideas/programs; Skills and Experiences Survey database. Projects: 3D printing Kez in a Fez on a Pez dispensers, baby Groot, Legos, lasercutting clouds and plaques, building shelves and doughnuts for the ERP lab..

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