October 30 2016

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Attendance Logan Brad Jess Christian Tracy Sam James John Dom Mike H. Lewis Mike B. Jeremiah B. Curt Tom

Discussion of Next Year’s Budget: Budgets requested from BD’s by mid-November Woodshop Per member costs comparable to other spaces ~$6500 Fab Lab No budget yet Classroom Consumables ~ $20 Capital expenditures Decent PCs Facilities improvements Metal Shop Budget process started Feedback requested from members Textiles/Gallery/Studios Budget started No specific numbers Printmaking ~$100 per month consumables


~$750 for locks, signage, cash register Seed money


No budget yet

Charging for consumables Directly charging individuals is preferred for consumables that they alone benefit from Budget for consumables that break down due to wear and tear

Set budget for miscellaneous overhead costs

Income Consignment Art gallery Classes Currently all lumped together, not separated by area Sale of equipment

Succession Planning Would like more member involvement Have next year’s leadership set by december 1 so that they can help with planning for the next year Each area should be looking for who is interested in helping, but e-mail should also be sent to all members Interest for next year Lewis (Member) Classroom, electronics assistant Mike H. (Woodshop BD) Continue in woodshop Jeremiah B. (Member) Metalshop BD/Assistant Makerspace Jeremiah L. (Metalshop BD) Undecided Sam S. (Classroom BD) Can’t continue as lead Would be interested in assistant Jess (Textiles, Art Gallery, Studio BD) Does not wish to continue in any area (textiles, art gallery, studios) Has a possible successor lined up for textiles Jerry (Member) Woodshop assistant Mike B. (Consignment BD) Undecided Would like consignment to be running before end of year Tom (Makerspace Director) Would like to pass on role a Makerspace director, but would continue if necessary Brad (Printshop) Undecided Tim Collins may be interested Would like to continue to help the space stay on track Susan (Ceramics BD) Not in attendance, but has expressed that she does not wish to continue Barb (Kitchen and Lounge BD) Not in attendance James S. (Electronics BD) Not in attendance CNC Machines Currently in somewhat of a no-man’s land Should all CNC machines be grouped into their own “area”?

Access Policy Area Leadership Co-BDS Concern is that there is not enough delegation going on Consensus among BDs is that having one lead that is able to appoint assistants as necessary When issues arise due to lack of area leadership they need to be addressed. Lead is board liaison and in charge of budget and policy, but delegation of other responsibilities is expected. Assistants should be able to make decisions in case of absence of lead. Chain of contact needs to be established and maintained Out of area leadership at least 2 people that can cover a task Distinction between making and non-making areas Authorizations and safety classes What are we trying to accomplish with these? Safety classes every month Safety classes General 101 how not to get hurt, doesn’t really cover how to use machines Covers basic equipment Authorizations Allow people to use equipment Do not require payment Instructional classes Teach use of equipment Fees set by instructors Avenues for communicating need/interest in classes Communication from members wanting classes Waitlists for classes Class no shows

Budget mechanics How will Area Leads get money for purchases? Continue using serve cards? Change to credit cards? How to track spending, make funds available, keep things in check Special cases What to do in case funds are needed on short notice? Funds should be in budget Reimbursements can be made to compensate for lack of cash on hand

Summary No co-BDs Designated area lead that delegates certain responsibilities Require redundancy of vital functions (authorizations) Area lead sets policies and budgets and delegate to assistants Lounge, classroom, bathroom, etc. are exempted from this

Authorizations Areas that require classes for access must have one on the calendar every 30 days Orientation class required must be free Covers basic necessities for the area Must be a free path for authorization Instruction can be charged for when teaching equipment skills Area leadership can provide authorizations individually as necessary Members authorized on equipment can directly supervise non-authorized members while instructing them on equipment. This is not an authorization, just a learning experience Learners permit model

Original (formatted) Meeting notes can be found here: Google Doc