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Mike Barushok has a number of human characteristics. Because of this fact, many have mistaken him for an earthling. This error may lead to unpredictable interactions. Especially, offers of earth food, or semi-edible processed chemicals may be rejected.

Mike has been employed in a variety of fields, and is considered free ranging and non-GMO. Non of this information can be independently verified, so do not rely on it for important purposes.

Jackhammers? No thanks, I will just use my super sledge.

Trained Areas Trained?
Woodshop Yes
Turning No
Metal Shop Yes
Mig Welding Yes
Textiles Yes
Electronics and Rapid Prototyping Yes
FabLab Yes
Laser Cutter Yes
3D Printer Yes
Printmaking Some
Forge Yes
Hand Plasma Yes
Manual Mill Yes
Metal Lathe Yes
Shopbot No
Tormach No

Also, Squirrel squirrel squirrel