September 11 2017 - Area Leads Meeting

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What would you buy for $1000

  • have an item or two to give to Paul

if you know a member that can make an artistic thing in your area encourage that. volunteer for being there!!

Material disposal guidelines

  • What requires board approval?
    • up to the lead really (the board trusts you, or at least Kim)
  • Kim Possible's "Item is going away" form, with the integrated three nerd rule
    • Three nerd rule and post on the forum
  • If I don't need board approval to buy it why do I need board approval to throw it away?

What (if any) should be paid to instructors for safety classes?

{done}**something about the classroom** Lewis has a plan. Warren does too.


Alternative market

  • swe could use some help with sewing

October art sale

  • see above

North End Urban Arts Festival

Garage Sale

  • no printer

open streets

  • sep 24
  • drone club?

Encampment 2018

Delano Fall Fair


If you do not intend to continue your position, please find someone to relinquish it to

Keep your current budget in mind, and start planning your budget for next year.

The next meeting is the October 9 2017 - Area Leads Meeting