Board Meeting 2022-02-17

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Board Members

  • James Lancaster, Secretary
  • Anna DiSalvo, At-Large
  • Rustin Atkeisson, Vice-President
  • Jai Chauhan, President
  • Doug Wilson, At-Large
  • Beverly Schellenger, Treasurer (late)


  • David Hanson, At-Large
  • Aaron Rivers, At-Large


  • LaDeana Dockery
  • David Springs
  • Steve Owens
  • Brad Cozine
  • Steve Saner
  • Ethan Doak
  • Mike Barushok

Standing Items

  • Thanks & Recognition
    • John and Malissa for organizing Open House, Rusty for organizing Comic Con and Ren Faire - Education Committee
    • Adrienne and Mark Delesdanier for their generous donation. - Jai
    • Jai for book on screen printing - Doug

Old Business

COVID Mask Policy Discussion / Update - All

  • Prior meetings:
    • MakeICT in light of the omicron surge and spike in daily cases requires that all people entering the building wear a mask for the duration of their stay. Signs will be posted.

Rustin moves that MakeICT change our stance to only require masks in group or class settings within the building. Anna seconds.

4 in favor 1 opposed, 1 not voting.

Doug motions to make the following statement the wording of the sign to be posted including the wiki. Rustin Seconds: MakeICT in light of the Omicron spikes requires that all people in the building in groups of 2 or more wear a mask.

5 in favor.

@DECISION: MakeICT in light of the Omicron spikes requires that all people in the building in groups of 2 or more wear a mask.

Name alignment between various locations - Jai

  • Prior:
    • Has not been done with the KS SOS office yet.
      • Nothing since that

Request for using the space - Brian

Revise Committee Policy - James


    • Prior:
      • Require people to resubmit the access policies?
      • Designate what that class is for any authorizations.
      • Patrick will bring this up at the next area lead meeting.
      • Doug mentions possibly making/giving stickers
      • Badge reader with name/active and authorization (Would be cool based with Patrick)
        • Mention of the wiki and issues with it being public
        • Couple of ideas with regard to it being public or non-public, as a general list
        • Emergency contact lookup, in an emergency would not be germane as 911 would be the call.
        • Authorization for tool maintenance? Aaron will bring up at Area Leads meeting.
          • Revisit authorizations for tools? (Specifically CNC tools, cnc sublead?)
    • At area lead meeting most of this was discussed, some not, as people were not there. Prototype of authorization lookup working.
    • As of the 10th haven't had review/new access policies sent to Secretary
    • Two were sent later:

Some discussion of authorizations and tools, including the system for authorizations (WA) and peer authorizations.

Tabled until the next board meeting. Reminders will be sent out to the board on March 10th. Area Leads need to have their written policy changes, or lack thereof, ready for March 10th.

New Business

Treasurer’s Report - Bev

1099s should be being sent or have been sent.

Pest control-Jai

Add section to storage policy Personal Storage:

  • Any food shall be stored ONLY in the refrigerator, or in a sealed plastic container for not longer than 3 days and must have the name, date, and phone number of the foods’ owner on the container, else it be forfeit.

Motion made by James, Doug Seconds 5 in favor

@DECISION: Append Storage Policy to specifically state requirements on food storage

March Member Meeting Date/Time

Tentatively set for 5 PM on March 26th. Cannot be changed after March 12th.

Area Reports


  • Possible future request to purchase screens and 4 color press.
    • Need more screens. 6+?
      • Would run $140+

Committee Reports

Awards Committee & Donor Wall - Jai

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

Classroom Management Committee - LaDeana Dockery

  • Possible donations of computers for a computer lab in Room 2.
  • Doug would like to know how many vendors are presently signed up to attend?

John Nicholas and Malissa Long are in charge of the Open House

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - Malissa Long

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: 4th Wednesday @ 6:30 pm)

Events Committee - X

  • See above (Classroom Management Committee)

Facilities Committee - Saga Romig

  • On Calendar Tuesday 6:30

Finance Committee - Dan Kries

  • 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30 (Is this correct? - schedule dependent, may change)

Next monday, has not been set. Noon-1:30 Feb 21st 6pm? Will be posted tomorrow.

Forge Committee - James Seymour/Mike Atherton

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd Wednesday @ 7pm)
  • Remove?
  • Last project: Belt Grinder
  • Possibly someone else interested will be at next member orientation

Fundraising - Ethan Doak

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 1st Friday @ 7pm)
  • Talk with person who does fundraising professionally
    • Will try to meet with them before March 12th.

Lounge/Breakroom - David Mendoza

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

Letterpress - David Springs

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

  • Working on installing parts, and setting up power.

Garden - Sean Sandefur

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd & 4th Monday @ 6pm)

IT - Tom Bloom

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

Inventory - Anna DiSalvo/Wallis Mead

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 2nd Wednesday @ 6pm)
  • Meeting on 9 February 2022
  • Working meeting 26 Feburary 2022, 2pm, will work on Room 4, and inventory of a particular room (conflicts with woodshop)
  • Will look at area leads

Referred to board

  • Email came in asking about donation of filament (purchased in error) and possible reimbursement of membership
    • Referred to board as has been the norm for membership for donations
      • Will consider it, with some more information.

Membership (and Community Outreach) - Jai

Membership as of 2021-02-10: 441 (plus 2 donors) Active-users-plot-to-2022-02-17.png

Outreach (and Education) - LaDeana Dockery

  • See Classroom above.

Scholarships - x

  • Per July decision will be handled by Finance.

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman/David Springs

  • Next meeting on calendar (Standard schedule: every 4th Monday @ 6pm)
  • Nothing really new to report
  • UPS still beeping (in a deeply disturbing and insistent Kafkaesque manner)

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - x

  • See Events

Welcome Center - Angel

Next meeting not on calendar: When?

Other Items Discussed

Past Events

Upcoming Events

  • Maker Monday
    • 2nd and 4th Mondays
  • Member Orientation

Decision Summary

    Task Summary