2014 Annual Meeting

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June 21

- 3:00 pm: open doors for makers to setup
- 4:00 pm: meeting
- 4:30 pm: voting
- 5:00 pm: food

Meeting agenda

  • review and vote on standing rules
  • receive reports on activities
  • approve budget and approve direction for next year
  • vote on board and standing rules

Voting details


16:31 - James Seymour calls the meeting to order


  • We have signed a lease for the 914 W Douglas space - all of it
    • Lease is only for 6 months
    • Future planning committee created to decide on future plans
  • Wichita Community Foundation has noticed us, giving us their support
  • Now a Resource Partner with NetworkKansas
  • Awesome workshops and programs
    • 3D Printing
    • Sewing workshops
    • John's MakeAXE
    • RiverFest
  • MakeICT has officially been granted 501c3 status (hooray!)
  • 2014 MakeICT Contributor of the Year - Barbara Davis (hooray!)

Member suggestions / Discussions

  • Redirect MakeICT.org/members to WildApricot
  • Rye K objects to "Nothing made at the space is to be sold for profit"
    • Suggestion that spirit of the rule is to prevent mass production and equipment/resource hogging
  • Suggestion for adding a rule for minors to be supervised by an adult
  • Land line phone service (for emergency calls)?
    • If not, key waiver should include need to provide own phone
  • MSDS and chemical storage?

Things to vote on

  • Standing rules
  • Membership
  • Member rights
  • Key policy
  • Board nominees
    • President: Dominic Canare
    • Vice presidnt: John Harrison
    • Secretary: Mike Dolittle
    • Treasurer: Jens Torell
    • Directors at large:
      • Tom McGuire
      • Rye Kennedy
      • Barbara Davis
      • James Lancaster