2018 Annual Meeting

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Date of meeting: 2018 June 17 at 5pm, Hyde Park


  1. Kim Burton - Present
  2. Joel Gutierrez - Present
  3. Kez Cook - Present
  4. Ken Steadman present
  5. LaDeana Dockery - Present
  6. Jeremiah Burian - Absent
  7. Malissa Long - Present
  8. David Springs - present via Hangouts
  9. Devin Halsey - Absent
  10. Jeff Eck -Present
  11. Terrence Laurendine - Present
  12. Paul Maseberg - Present
  13. Dean Day - Present
  14. Rustin Atkeisson - Present
  15. Jason Bailey - Absent
  16. James Lancaster - Present
  17. Scott Sullivan - present
  18. Eric D present
  19. Marie Day Present
  20. Kirk Lancaster
  21. Dominic Canare
  22. Roz
  23. MarK S
  24. Josh Robinson
  25. Christian Kindel
  26. Joel G
  27. Curt G
  28. Tracy H
  29. Jens Torrell
  30. Sam Shurter
  31. Barb Davis
  32. John Cody
  33. David someone not Springs
  34. Maribeth yarnell
  35. Greg yarnell

5:00 - Eating of food

5:15 - Call to order and reading of Annual Report

  • Started the year with a solar eclipse
  • Started doing gift cards
  • Started hosting a monthly game night
  • Overfilled the space with a rock painting party and a Wichita Flag Day
  • Built a wind tunnel for Society of Women in Engineering
  • Will have an art auction Sept 28th
  • Made awards for tallgrass film festival
  • started with 27 members in 2014
  • Have had over 1000 different members since the start of MakeICT
  • currently have 390 active members
  • had 310 classes in the past year
  • Looking at branching off DevICT and Kansas Linux Fest
    • Will have separate 501c3 status
    • We’re okay with them branching off and becoming their own entity
    • There are no grievances or problems with them branching off
  • Would like for people to fill out their wiki pages
    • like to give people a chance at being make of the month
    • shows the diversity of the members at MakeICT
  • Volunteering
    • Will be asking repeatedly for help
    • Very grateful of the volunteers we’ve had
  • Building
    • Ex: Spaces like Ceramics are cramming large groups around a small table
    • Should we move?
      • Majority of people willing to spend 3days to 2 weeks helping to move the space
      • Still need to find out exactly how much space each area needs
      • Not green lighted yet to pull the trigger on other buildings that pop up

5:30 Financial Report

  • David Springs - recovering from an injury
    • $78,000 spent on expenses
    • $13,000 spent on consumables
    • $10,000 spent on new equipment
    • Total projected for expenditures: $108,000
    • Total Income: over $120,000
  • Kez - Balances
    • Started Meritrade Account with over $70,000
  • Jens - new building
    • cost could be from $1 to $1 million
    • would need to set aside 3 to 6 months of cash for a safety net
    • Curt Gridley - Suggests leasing with an option to buy
    • Sam Shurter - suggests buying building, more maintenance, but builds equity
    • James Lancaster - if we buy, we chance outgrowing the space again
    • Malissa Long - there are spaces anywhere from 4,000sqft to 70,000sqft that are either non-profit or for profit

5:45 - New Business

  • Proposed Bylaw Change to officer Term and Length of Service (posted at Talk:Bylaws)
  • Standing Rule changes [1]
  • Members Rights
    • Propose plan B - Strike Members rights from standing rules
      • Proposed by Malissa Long, 2nd by Kirk Lancaster
      • To be voted on member ballot
  • Tutoring
    • Is a 1 person class
    • However, guests are not supposed to be charged for being in the space
    • Suggest adding not charging a fee, only exception to this is tutoring.to 7th item on guest policy
      • Malissa Long motions, 2nd by Kirk Lancaster
        • Tutoring needs to be defined before approval
  • Term Limits - suggest changing to 2yr terms: http://makeict.org/wiki/Talk:Bylaws
    • Avg length of time each person was on board: 2.2yrs
    • Suggest 2yr staggered terms - ½ board elected 1 yr, rest of the board elected the following yr
    • Would not go in effect until June 2019
    • Barb - Why does this need to be voted on
      • Kim - It is a standing rule but not explicitly listed on the wiki
      • James L - can be changed by the board, but this is something that would impact the membership
    • Motioned by Malissa Long, 2nd by Kirk Lancaster

6:00 - Candidate Introductions

Each candidate has two minutes to address the meeting. Order is by office, then randomized. Candidates running for multiple offices will still only address the meeting one time.

  1. Kim Burton
  2. Joel Gutierrez - relatively new, running 5 for a change, former military, considers himself a piece maker. Would like to expand his leadership skills and believes he would do a good job as president. Owns a DJ service and will keep his separate duties independant of MakeICT.
  1. Kez Cook - been a member for 2yrs, brother was jealous for the first time ever for her joining. It’s been a great experience for her and has served as secretary in several other organizations. Has been on the board this past year and grown a lot in this past year. Kez really wants to be secretary.
  1. Ken Steadman - Joined about 18 months ago, after Terrence told him to check it out. Thinks the makerspace is one of the greatest things in Wichita. Has been in the air force for the past 30yrs. Has had to do a lot of long term planning and firefighting. Running for Vice-President, Secretary, and member at large. Has adopted the core values of the air force: integrity, service before self, excellence in all we do.
  1. LaDeana Dockery - doesn’t want to talk about herself, would rather talk about you. She really enjoys everything we do. Running for Vice-President and Member at Large.
  1. Jeremiah Burian - absent
  1. Malissa Long - Running for Vice President and Member at Large
  1. David Springs - (via skype) - You're all awesome! Running for Treasurer
  1. Devin Halsey - absent
  1. Jeff Eck - Running for member at large
  1. Terrence Laurendine - not as short as Jeff, was surprised by call, but is willing to do his part. Realizes not everyone wants to help, but the more that help makes it easier on the rest of us. Running for member at large.
  1. Paul Maseberg - running for member at large, been helping with member at large. Has helped with gallery. Wants to give back in any way possible, would like to support the research needed to move into a new facility/
  1. Dean Day - Running for maker large. Has been a maker for 60yrs. Has seen a lot of changes that MakeICT may see in the coming in years. Wants to see MakeICT better serve the needs of our membership. There have been a lot of opportunities that we need to capitalize on.
  1. Rustin Atkeisson - been a member since 2 years. Joined right at the move. Sees great things from members. Would like to be there to train up new board members. Want to do more strategic planning. Running for member at large.
  1. Jason Bailey - absent
  1. James Lancaster - Running for member at large. Really believes in makeICT, has not been able to devote as much time as he would like to in the space. Has been doing a bit of traveling to see how MakeICT compares to other makerspaces and believes we still have plenty of room to grow. Would like to see MakeICT move. Had an offer to build a space for glass blowing, but we just don’t have the space.
  1. Scott Sullivan - Running for member at large. Currently board member of Central Blacksmith association in Haysville. Volunteered at cowtown. Currently assistant lead in ceramics department. Even if not elected, still plans on going to board meetings.

6:30 - Adjourn

Move to adjurn by Barb, 2nd by Kirk Lancaster