April 4 2016

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Meeting Minutes

  • Member survey
    • Change the word 'facilities' to 'maker areas'
    • Add an open ended question
      • Say one negative thing and one positive thing
    • Ask what workshops people want more of
    • Make it optionally anonymous
    • Last question could be something like, if you want to be 'interviewed' further, please provide your name

  • Ask Landlord for money for HVAC in classroom?
    • Determine an appropriate amount to ask for

  • Drain pipe
    • An appointment has been made for a roofer to come look at the pipe
    • Might also have him look at the west wall in the metal/bike shop

  • Sponsor/donor recognition?
    • Plan is to have some kind or recognition up before ArtDOG
      • Current (temporary) plan is to make plaques
      • @TODO (Dustin, no date): Find a volunteer to make the recognition plaques.
        • John Alexander volunteered
    • Have we asked anyone specifically to design the recognition wall?

  • Benevolent Dictators and Assistant Director
    • Motion to
      • Approve the creation of an Assistant Director postion
        • Assign Logan Pajunen as the Assistant Director
      • Pass the changes to Benevolent Dictator assignments
        • Art Gallery: Jess Bechtelheimer
        • Ceramics: Susan de Wit (Interim)
        • Classroom: Sam Schurter
        • Fab Lab: Christian Kindel
        • Electronics: James Seymour
        • Kitchen/lounge: Barb Davis
        • Metalshop: Jeremiah Loder
        • Printmaking/screen printing: Brad Ruder
        • Retail/consignment: Mike Barushok
        • Studios: Jess Bechtelheimer
        • Textiles: Jess Bechtelheimer
        • Woodshop: Mike Hutton
    • @DECISION: The creation of the Assistant Director position and changes to Assistant Director and Benevolent Dictator assignments is approved.

  • Vote to give the Assistant Director a debit card (like the BDs)
    • @DECISION: The Assistant Director will be given a debit card.

Decision Summary

    Task Summary