August 11 2014

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Meeting Time: 6:00pm

Location: MakeICT @ 914 W Douglas

All members are welcome to attend, and non-board members can join the conversation when invited.


  • Treasurer Report (as of 8/11/14)
    • Bank balance: $15,876.75 (-1,372.11)
    • Paypal: $743.17 (+363.58)
    • Total: $16,619.92 (-1,005.53)
  • Social media
    • Facebook: 746 (+11)
    • Twitter: 286 (+13)

Policies and Procedures

  • Inventory control

Long Term Planning

  • WCF Grant
    • Survey
  • Revenue generation
    • Retail
    • Workshop fees
    • Sodas and snacks?
  • Site visits
  • Prospective partnerships and collaborations
    • Changes to accommodate new groups (devICT / StartupWichita)
    • devICT
    • StartupWichita
    • WSU
    • Exploration Place
    • Independent School




  • August 16 - Narrow-scope 3D printer workshop - will print designs from members - James L, Tom
  • August 23 - Little Free Library build (need to announce ASAP)


  • SumoBot competition/workshop series - Ivan is planning on holding one
  • Bike maintenance workshop
  • Final Friday
  • Salvation Army Fashion Show + Sewing workshop (collaboration w/ other ICT people)
  • CNC milling
  • Repeats?
    • Learn to solder
    • Arduino basics
    • Intro to CNC/Foam cutting



  • The floor
  • Keys and access control
    • Do we have a list of key holders
    • Access control system in progress
  • Signage

Group Projects

  • Electric Microbus
  • Electronic Door
  • Arcade cabinet
  • Cow Car

Miscellaneous + topics from members/guests

  • Bios on

Meeting closed @ 1907


Notes: Finance report

- next time define budget for rest of year and determine extra cash available to spend prior to year end (Jens)
- also will research bank account options for groups (Jens)

Inventory control

- Jens will process "buy me" things on whiteboard


- need definition of space needed and associated cost (Jens will research)
- lets refocus efforts on this grant instead of the business plan
- grant due Sept 1
- need to contact WCF to make sure we understand needs and process (John)

Revenue Generation

- come up with ideas, but not a top priority right now

Site visits

- (Jens) and Dom planning to go to Dallas; not sure when, but asked Dallas what would be best for them
- John will research a place he would like to go

Program affiliations

- Dom wants a fun nomenclature to name these relationships/groups - be creative and share your ideas!
- DevICT / Startup Wichita - (Jens) will respond to finance questions, then without any further issues, we will put it to a vote
- WSU - set up a meeting - (Tom)
- (John) will work up a document defining how other entities can get MakeICT to come and do a one time or series of events
- Independent - (John) will work with them
- Exporation Place - follow up with new document John is putting together

3D printer workshop - need to communicate it (Tom)

Little free library

- Mike got tool donations
- Mike has possible supply donations, but might need help to pick up
- Presenter??

SumoBot competition

- (Tom) will work with Ivan

Final Friday

- (Jess) will organize

Idea: Salvation Army Fashion Show

- Set for Sept 27
- Potential to participate or host our own
- (Dom) will talk to Tissu

Repeating events

- (Dom) will research ways to better handle event registration


- Dom experimented with cleaning the floor; will plan to host a cleaning day after Little Free Library workshop
- Key holders defined in master member spreadsheet

Bus update

- interior install happening
- ready for inspection

Door access

- getting close! (Tom)