August 15 2019

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2019 August 15 Board meeting minutes


Roll Call

Board Members

  • President - David Springs
  • Vice President - Alysa Bumgarner - Via Video Chat
  • Treasurer - Devin Halsey
  • Secretary - Rustin Atkeisson
  • At Large Director - LaDeana Dockery
  • At Large Director - Scott Sullivan
  • At Large Director - Josh Robinson
  • At Large Director - Malissa Long
  • Immediate Past President - Kim Burton


Emily Edger Jens Torell Ken Steadman Angela Mejia Philip Fraser Nalini Fraser Patrick Hutchison Fred Britain James Lancaster Jennifer O’Crowley

Standing Items

  • Thanks & recognition
    • Scott Sullivan- thanks for reorganizing the Pug Crusher
    • Jens Torell - thanks for all the time invested into the building hunt
    • Dean Day - Thanks for helping to get the vending machine over here

Old Business

New Business

  • Begin Looking for Committee Leads for 2020.
    • Suggest creating a new Volunteer Tracking Committee Lead
      • Might be assisted eventually by a kiosk
    • Now Accepting Volunteers
      • Angela will not be able to take care of the showroom next year
  • Discuss and Vote on a new proposal on Booth Elementary.
    • David is bowing out of the conversation, will be available for questions, but is abstaining from the vote
    • Mark brought an offer to MakeICT to purchase Booth on Monday
    • Price went up to $275k - of that $25k will be in an escrow
      • Roughly Stake Spikes have been put into the roof for patching (not the same as a 20yr roof, we would still have to seal the roof, but Mark S is willing to send someone to help us with sealing the roof)
      • Might take $13k to elastiseal the roof, along with a day and about 10 members
      • Would not want the roof to go without a seal for more than 3 yrs
      • Standing water on porches has been taken care of - drains have been cleaned out
      • Windows have gotten a ‘make shift’ repaired (glass is still broken, but are now backed with a 2nd glass pain)
      • Window replacement would be $9/piece (not a big cost)
      • Window sills have been sealed/caulked, still, need to be cleaned up
      • basketball goals were removed but are in the building
      • East side door (by the river) has been boarded up
      • all of the stuff during the tour are still there minus a piano that a friend of Mark’s stored, along with a personal boombox, along with a table
      • 2 trees have been removed from the property (one was rotting, the other had wind damage)
      • debris has been removed
      • dirt piles will most likely be gone
      • lawn mower does not start but is being included with the building
      • Mark wants the contract signed until the 17th (Saturday)
      • Originally needed to close by Sept 1st, but Mark was okay with updating the contract to say Oct 1st
      • Toilet fixtures are still there, still work in the North-South wing (was shutdown for winterization a while back)
    • There is a clause that if financing does not go thru that the escrow would be returned
    • Need to have the agreement notarized (so we need to do that tomorrow)
    • Will still need to put about $60k into the building after purchasing in addition to the $275,000
    • Risk #1: Financing
    • Risk #2: Zoning
    • Risk #3: What if something happens to the building before we close? (would have insurance the same day we set up an escrow)
      • currently zoned as a single-family home would be rezoned as a PUD (we write our own definition)
      • have already met with the city about rezoning
    • half the building currently has HVAC (more investment to take care of)
    • other locations have been looked at since the first time at Booth, nothing is currently as close on the price range
    • Lease at current location can be extended but rent goes up from $2700/m to $2950/m April 1st, 2020 (not a joke)
    • lease would run until February if we go forward with Booth
    • Realtors still think Booth is being offered at the low end of the market value
    • It is possible to be back in the black by the end of 2020
    • Could extend the lease on 1500 Douglas until 2022
    • Dues would stay $25/m
    • New estimates would mean we would need 510 members to break even (IF we had 0 donations and stayed at the current class levels)
    • Keys will be turned over to MakeICT when escrow is paid
  • Motion Made by Josh, 2nd by Scott
    • Motion to accept the contract and authorize signatures for Booth Elementary at $275,000 given the contract is updated to state that if the financing falls through that the money placed in escrow is returned to MakeICT.
    • Motion passes: 7 in favor, 1 opposed

@DECISION: Accept the contract and authorize signatures for Booth Elementary at $275,000 given the contract is updated to state that if the financing falls through that the money placed in escrow is returned to MakeICT.

Upcoming Events

  • Next quarterly meeting is in September - to be announced
  • Open streets - Sunday, September 22
    • Douglas closed from Seneca to Hillside
    • Watch out for scooters on the sidewalk
    • Would like to be more involved
      • Ceramics on the street?
      • Pen Lathe on the street?
      • 3D street art?
    • Potentially work with Exploration Place on a Mini-Maker Fair during open streets
  • Group trip out to the cosmosphere? (talk with James Lancaster)
    • He will look into it

Committee Reports

Requested items from each committee:

  • Accomplishments this month
  • Upcoming goals
  • Where do you need help/how to get involved?

IT - Tom Bloom

  • Looking into getting new mice for the laptops

Membership (and Community outreach) - Shannon Fisher

  • Need someone willing to fill the position

Creator Showroom - Dean Day

  • David would like to have stuff made by Makers for Maker Mondays

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - LaDeana Dockery

  • Haven’t had many people show up for meetings

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman

  • No Updates
  • Request to add security lights to Booth Elementary
    • motion made by David Springs, 2nd by Devin
    • Motion to purchase 10 security lights and not to exceed $500 for Booth Elementary
    • Motion Passes: 7 in favor, 1 abstained

@DECISION: Security to purchase 10 security lights and not to exceed $500 for Booth Elementary.

Scholarships- Nick Endicott

Outreach (and Education) - Daryl Goad

  • Venturing crew did have a meeting 8/13 (lead by Eric and Doug)

Fundraising- Kate Goad

  • Currently Meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6 pm
  • Have applied to 2 more grants
  • Had a meeting
    • Kate has 3 or 4 grant applications done
    • LaDeana is a little behind on getting Kate the information to get done.
  • Wants to see more wishlist items

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - Nicole Kirkhart

  • Magic Wheelchair
    • Logan has grown and the firetruck no longer fits the new wheelchair
    • May modify the wheelchair a bit while we have it (a more robust bubble blower)
    • May have a new candidate lined up might not be for Halloween for a future comic con

Building committee

  • Building Update

Decision Summary

    Task Summary