August 3 2014 Startup Wichita and devICT Partnership

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Next step: define MakeICT Institute Programs

General information

  • What: A discussion and voting on whether MakeICT should adopt Startup Wichita and devICT
  • Where: MakeICT Headquarters
  • When: August 3rd, 2014 / 1pm


  • Kenton Hansen, Startup Wichita
    • Email:
  • Seth Etter, devICT
    • Email:

Startup Wichita

In the recent past, a growing number of people have become interested in drawing more attention to the new entrepreneurial movement in Wichita. Software, SaaS, Apps for all platforms, new products, and innovative new ideas are being developed all around Wichita, but the community connecting these groups is in need of nurture. Since organizing my first Startup Weekend last year, and the two since then, I've noticed that the overlap between MakeICT and the "Startup Wichita" is evident, and the people who learn about one are interested in the other. At this point, Startup Wichita is not an entity. While there are multiple efforts and programs surrounding the ideas that Startup Wichita advocates for, the creation of a company or organization has not happened yet.

For your consideration:

  • Momentum of the idea
  • Plans for the future Startup Wichita
  • How I see MakeICT and SuW can overlap
  • How I'd like the SuW program to interact with MakeICT


Just about two years ago, devICT (formerly UpFront Wichita) began as a developer meet up group for Wichita and surrounding areas. We've grown considerably since then and have on numerous occasions made contact with members of MakeICT. The two groups have quite a bit in common, though devICT has more of a focus on development in specific. We are currently at 120+ members on our community. As devICT grows we want to do bigger and better things that would benefit from being wrapped in an organization.

Our agenda will be as follows:

What is devICT

  • History, where are we now

The services we provide

  • Monthly educational meetups
  • Networking
  • Occasional hackathons
  • Civic hackathons

Plans for the future

  • Larger, more frequent events
  • Development book library
  • Education and job finding resources

How can we help?

  • Collaboration on MakeICT events
  • Promotion within devICT members and attendees

Questions and answers

Members will have an opportunity to ask any questions, make comments, voice concerns, etc. The questions and answers will be posted here following the meeting.


  • The output of this meeting will be a draft of document formalizing the partnership in detail.
  • Once the draft is finalized, it will be published to members for approval.
  • The vote will likely occur sometime after the meeting, but a quorum is required, and a simple majority will pass.

Meeting notes

13:15 Dominic calls the meeting to order
	Introduces Seth and Kenton

Seth talks about devICT
	Core focus: education
	Averages 25 people at monthly events
	Civic hackathons (like building
	Networking opportunities
	Has been running expenses out of separate personal (but separate) bank account

	Monthly costs: ~$100
		$75/mo for labor party membership
		$15/mo for
		$10-15/mo for digitalocean hosting
		Web dev conference?
			for education, conference attendance, etc

	John H. asks "How will you sustain yourselves if you don't charge membership fees?"
		Goal: no membership fees (ever)
		Don't want anyone to be left out simply because they can't afford it

	Jens T. asks "What will you do first with non-profit"
		Jacob: Low-hanging fruit. Maybe the library
		Seth: Eager to start working towards a development conference, but that probably wouldn't be first
	John H. - Relationship spectrum
		Seth: Really want to maintain the identity of devICT

Kenton talks about Startup Wichita
	StartupWichita is not a "real" thing - it doesn't actually exist except in the mind
	Trying to connect oldies with newbies
	Started as something of a marketing ploy/experiment
		First event in 2013, second in November 2013
	Has been working with Chamber of Commerce / Tech Alliance

	Future plans
		Code school
		More startup weekends

	John H. asks about a culture clash (openness vs closedness)
		Kenton - thinks the sharing aspect is alive and well amongst his peers,
			but less so from the "old guard"

	Ask for clarification on Startup Wichita (and the distinction from the Labor Party)
		Startup Weekend events
		Code School (assuming it works)
	Lots of good discussion about the culture (sorry, I am terrible at note-taking)

Open discussion
	Changes to accomodate? Where would devICT and SICT fit into the relationship spectrum?
		devICT: preferably no MakeICT changes other than finances throught MakeICT's bank account
		Startup Wichita: financial stability is important - Compensation for employees of the code school (so money in, money out)
		Board member position for both groups

15:05 - Meeting has ran over
	Dominic C. proposes to continue the discussion online via MakeICT forums, group agrees. He will start a document to formalize the relationship