August 5th 2022

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Board Members

  • Rustin Atkeisson, President
  • Sherry Ibrahim, Vice President
  • Ethan Doak, Secretary
  • James Lancaster, At-Large
  • LaDeana Dockery, At-Large
  • Doug Wilson, At-Large
  • Aaron Rivers, At-Large
  • Jai Chauhan, Immediate-past President


  • Gary Titus, Treasurer


Brad Cozine


Cathy Bowman

Christian Kidel

Dave Miller

David Springs

Erik D

Kim Ward

Malissa Long

Michael Atherton

Michelle Lefavor

Mike Barushok

Patrick Hutchison

Sarah Denton

Scott Sullivan

Steve Owens

Steve Saner

Wesley Timmerman


1. Comments should be kept brief and concise

2. Comments need to be kept on topic

3. Comments from others should be treated with respect and without being interrupted

4. Speakers commenting for more than 3 minutes will be asked to wrap up their comment

5. Since this is a virtual meeting, please mute your mic when not talking

6. Names of people involved should be kept anonymous

7. When you would like to speak, select the 'raise hand' button in google meets and wait for the secretary to recognize you before speaking. Speakers will be selected in order of hand raises.

8. Any speaker that cannot follow these guidelines will be muted as necessary and removed if it becomes a problem

The board will address issues brought before us with concern and dignity.

This meeting is not for any other business before the board.

New Business

  • Call to order
    • Prepared comments sent to the board will be read at this time

Statement read by Vice President Sherry written by Jessica. Statement from Malissa.

    • Board member comments

Jai commented Rustin commented Sherry commented Aaron commented LaDeana commented Ethan commented James commented Doug commented

    • Member in Question Comments

Member in Question commented

    • Membership comments
    • Closing Board/Member in Question Comments

Aaron moves to adjourn the meeting with a continuation of the member in question's membership and suspension following the the following 2 stipulations: Member in Question gets signatures from 6 board members on a filled out Key Form. After 3 months from this date.

That they describe the work they have done in therapy and in anger management class to respond to feedback in a more healthy manner.

Ethan Seconds

Motion passes unanimously, meeting adjourned.

@DECISION: Continuation of membership and suspension to be reviewed after 3 months with a proposal

Decision Summary

    Task Summary