August 8 2016

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Roll Call

  • Board Members
    • Barb Davis
    • Christian Kindel
    • Curt Gridley
    • Dominic Canare
    • James Lancaster
    • John Alexander
    • Kip Landwehr
    • Logan Pajunen
    • Tracy Hoover
  • Members
    • Jeremiah Burian
    • Jeremiah Loder
    • Jerry Carpenter
    • Jess B
    • Mike Barushok
    • Mike Hutton
    • Tom McGuire

Officer Reports

Old Business

  • Trash service update and bin location discussion - Logan
    • Now have trash service at the makerspace.
    • Bins are currently in the alley
  • AC update - Logan
    • Sam and Logan are getting quotes for AC and Heating in the classroom
  • Kiln update - Curt
    • Kiln is fixed.
    • Looking at building a controller for heat control
  • Computer servers and software update - James Lancaster and John Alexander
    • Having issues with getting things installed on all the classroom laptops
      • Can fix the major hassle by installing software and updates from a centralized server
      • Would need to upgrade Windows computers from home to pro
        • Cost of this would be $15 per computer for us, so ~$215
    • Need new server hardware to build a file server and handle software installations as mentioned above.
      • Can purchase a server for somewhere in the neighborhood of $350
    • Motion to approve up to $600 on server hardware and upgrading computers from home to pro
    • @DECISION: The expenditure of up to $600 for server hardware and upgrading computer from Windows Home to Windows Pro has been approved.
  • Insurance
  • Bylaws review
  • Business cards
  • Building exterior
    • Christian is planning to send an email soon on this.
    • @TODO (Christian, no date): Send an update about sign details.
  • Donor recognition - John Alexander
    • @TODO (Tom, no date): Form committee for donor recognition (with John A., Barb D., Dominic C.)

New Business

  • Change financial year - Treasurer
    • Currently, our fiscal year is December 1 through November 30
    • Decision: Change our fiscal year to match the calendar year.
  • Budgeting discussion - Treasurer
    • This is a long term project.
    • Hoping to have a budgeting plan in place by the beginning of 2017
    • When in place, BDs will have to provide a planned budget for the year
  • Review and approve following:
    • Definitions Document
      • @TODO (Board of Directors, no date): Review the Definitions Document
    • Nametag Policy v0.2
      • Strike security as a reason we need the policy
      • @TODO (Kip, no date): Start a new thread about the name tag policy
    • New Area Commissioning Policy
    • Workload Policies
    • Suggestion to split all of the these policies into separate threads and work them all out on line.
  • Maker Academy Director appointment and draft strategic plan
    • Motion to appoint Laura Scholl as the Maker Academy program director
    • @DECISION: Laura Scholl has been appointed as the program director of Maker Academy.
  • Discuss “tragedy of the commons” problems re: woodshop


  • Exploration Place wants to formalize our relationship for next year.
  • The President will soon set a quarterly formal board meeting to discuss our future direction and address policy.
  • The President will soon release a calendar when the agenda will be open and closed for submissions and requested items and documentation for agenda submissions.

General Topics and TODOs

@TODO (Logan, no date): Schedule executive meeting to discuss BD/access policy issues

Decision Summary

    Task Summary