Board Meeting 2021-06-17

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Board Members

  • JaiPal Chauhan, President
  • Paula Pankratz, Vice-President
  • Patrick Hutchison, Secretary
  • Scott Sullivan, At Large
  • Terrence Laurendine, At Large
  • Tom Bloom, At Large
  • Doug Wilson, At Large
  • David Springs, Immediate Past President


  • Beverly Schellenger, Treasurer


  • Steve Owens
  • Brian Pressnall
  • Joe Pajor
  • Glenn Beagley
  • Rustin Atkeisson

Standing Items

  • Thanks & Recognition
    • Rustin for securing a donation of many fans to help prevent people from melting.
    • Lucky’s Everyday at 1217 E Douglas for a generous donation of $350.
    • Wes Timmerman for his tireless work on the Welcome Center Desk (which is as of now all glued together).
    • Network for Good for the donation of $235 this month.
    • Everybody who has donated plants to the garden!
    • Everybody who’s mowed the yard, weed eated, edged, and generally made the grounds look good.

Old Business

  • Plaster Safety Class and Jewelry Authorization Class Discussion
    • Ceramics / Plaster - Patrick / Scott
      • Plaster is neither a tool nor an area, it is a consumable, so it should not be offered again as an area or tool authorization. Devin can continue to offer it as a regular class and list is a prerequisite for his other plaster classes.
      • If there is enough interest going forward, we can consider asking to have it set up similar to the “hazardous materials” authorization in the Wood Shop.
    • Jewelry - Luke Absent
      • Dean Day was asked to fill in until August as Luke is out of town. Rustin and Paula have talked to folks who are interested in being authorized.
      • In re metal shop safety, it is recommended that folks have that but it will not be required that they have that to use the Jewelry lab since it’s in one of the metal shop rooms.
      • Rusty will ask Dean if he is ok to do safety classes and Devin if he could help with the cabochon and also Saga.
  • Election Update - Patrick
    • Nominations Tracking Page
    • Current Status:
      • President
        • 2 nominations, 1 accepted
          • Jai Chauhan (candidate profile not completed)
      • Vice-President
        • 3 nominations, 1 accepted, 1 declined, 1 no response
          • Rustin Atkeisson
      • Secretary
        • 3 nominations, 0 accepted, 2 declined
      • Treasurer
        • 2 nominations, 1 accepted, 1 declined
          • Beverly Schellenger (candidate profile not set up yet - ph)
      • At-Large
        • 11 nominations, 7 accepted, 3 declined, 1 no response
          • David Hanson
          • Anna DiSalvo
          • Doug Wilson
          • Terrence Laurendine
          • Aaron Rivers
          • Dean Day
          • Rustin Atkeisson
  • Annual Meeting - Patrick
    • Sunday, June 27th at 3PM, via Zoom.
    • Need annual report:
      • Section 6: Duties of the Officers to provide an Annual Report
      • The Officers must provide an annual report at the annual meeting of members. The report shall chronicle the activities of the corporation, including specific narratives on the corporation's work, the corporation's annual financial statements, relevant legal filings, and relevant copies of the organization's state and federal tax returns.
    • Patrick will prepare a template similar to the one used for quarterly member meetings so the officers can work on next week and have ready for the meeting.
    • Will send out a third email reminder and update the forum again this weekend.
    • Will have annual report / agenda, and Zoom link prepared and emailed out at the end of next week prior to the meeting on Sunday.
  • COVID Mask Policy Discussion / Update - All
    • Options before us:
      • Remove mandate
      • Continue 30 days and re-evaluate at next board meeting
      • Opt-in format for area leads and class instructors to set own requirement that members agree to, but in general the Makerspace wouldn’t require anymore
      • Remove mandate, but allow instructors to set policy for their classes
      • Change signs to say ‘if unvaccinated, wear a mask’
    • Jai moves that the new sign should read: Please adhere to current CDC guidelines regarding the use of masks, Be Excellent to Each Other. Some events / classes at MakeICT may require mask wearing. Seconded by Tom. Six in favor, none against, David abstains. Motion passes.
    • @DECISION: Board updates COVID Mask Policy to be in line with current CDC guidelines, to remind members to Be Excellent to Each Other, and to allow some events / classes at the request of the instructor to require mask wearing

New Business

  • Treasurer’s Report - Bev
    • See report PPT in drive folder for more detail
    • Income vs. Expenses not too far off of budget. Deficit spending this month a bit over $1,000 compared to $2,000 last month. Nothing significant to report. David is continuing to work with Liz to get our property tax exempted but it is taking a long time to get done.
    • Account Balances:
      • Emprise Bank: $14,685.11
      • TD Ameritrade: $5,200
      • Southwestern Bank: $2,200

Committee Reports

Awards Committee - x

  • Committee not active.

Scholarships - x

  • Committee not active.

Communications (and Wikibrarian) - Malissa Long

  • Nobody showed up for the meeting.
  • Visit Wichita has not listed us on their calendar. Not sure why. Will reach out again.
  • Asking folks to please like, share, and promote class posts on social media as well as the other / fun posts to help drive interest in those classes. Facebook class posts are duplicated when the class recurs which brings along the audience from the prior post so all that work people do sharing them is incredibly helpful.
  • Google business listings are being filled out by Google so we can post things like classes there, etc., so more content to post there would be helpful. We have over 2,000 hits a month to our business listing. A lot of those are from Andover and Derby, so if you live there and can help engage please do.
  • Also, if instructors can work with Malissa to do a very short little video clip about the class, videos go a lot farther on social media.

Facilities Committee - X

  • Paula reports that they are continuing to meet on Tuesdays and are working on a variety of projects. Joe has been working on door closers, Wes has been working on painting showcases and will reach out at the next area leads meeting to work on how those would get filled up, he has also got lights in the old / built-in showcases. Steve reports that all but three of the fixtures in the hallway have been upgraded to LED.

Finance Committee - Dan Kries

  • Jai spoke with Dan today. They have a request to help tracking donations in-kind; please get a receipt and mark it clearly to help them keep those recorded. Continuing to work on updating QuickBooks.

Forge Committee - James Seymour

  • Rusty reports that there was a meeting this month. Have been working on the 2x72 belt sander. Some attended the beginner blacksmith class at Haysville.

Garden - Aaron Rivers

  • Scott reports that Dean brought in two sprinklers for watering. Will be harvesting potatoes this Saturday! Will re-till and put down plastic and cardboard to do some weed control. Got a donation of a trellis by Riverside Community garden as well as a slab of granite for a countertop and a wash-out sink, to maybe equip a small potting shed. Hope to build a couple more raised beds this Saturday as well. Have quite a few plants hanging out in Ceramics that need to get planted. So far everything that has been planted is doing very well.

Fundraising - x

  • Committee not active.

IT - Tom Bloom

  • Nothing to report.

Membership (and Community Outreach) - Paula Pankratz

  • Membership
    • Currently at 376 active members, with 17 pending renewal, and 1 pending new.
    • 371 at the May meeting (active).
    • FYI: Have previously not been reporting pending renewal/pending new, just fully active.
    • 15 Members with Renewals Overdue (possibly gone)
    • 23 New Members in the last 30 days!
  • Have been having Maker Monday and Orientations twice a month and they are going very well. Had 24/25 people at Maker Mondays this month - very enthusiastic group of people.
  • David asks when do we think we might return to open Maker Mondays, especially since they are historically big drivers of new members. Paula says that we are not turning people away if they show up but have not registered. It’s been helpful having people pre-register because it gets it tracked in the system and lets some pre-work like printing guest badges done in advance. Classroom 3 is feeling a bit full with that many people. Walk-ins also slow down the process and aren’t showing up on-time - will or have started having walk-ins hang out for a second session so the registered on-times can start at 7.

Outreach (and Education) - LaDeana Dockery (interim)

  • Will be staffing a booth at Festival of the Arts Wichita this Saturday with Malissa from Noon - 5 at Riverside Park, setup at 10am. LaDeana is asking for folks with samples of cool stuff they made to get with her. And, for folks to come staff the booth with her, especially if they can come up with something they can demo for folks.

Classroom Management Committee - LaDeana Dockery (interim)

  • No fancy report this month. Instead, working on the dearth of events has prompted LaDeanna to kick start some:
    • Have Game Night restarted and on the calendar! One Saturday and one Friday a month.
    • Have a music night set up for the last Friday of the month to hangout in the courtyard and just make music and be social.
  • Checking people into classes - breaking out permissions, how to without giving too many permissions. Tom will work together with Christian to see what might be involved and what we might be able to do to make it work better. Some additional discussion around capturing W9 info for instructors as well as making sure new instructors get set up with a MakeICT email address so they could have access to the system as we work to improve it. Tom is on it.
  • Also discussed work / process around instructors who do not wish to be paid for teaching.

Security (and Safety) - Ken Steadman

  • Absent

Inventory - Anna DiSalvo

  • Paula reports that everyone check out the list posted to the forum by Anna of the items in Room 4 that are ready for sale so we can work to clear out that room. Things are tagged and we’ll have a couple weeks to gather bids and whatnot. More details on the forum.

Special Projects (and Makerfaire) - x

  • Committee not active.

Other Items Discussed

  • Listing things on community calendars. Jai has been listing some on KMUW’s community calendar. Rusty reports that Malissa has reached out to three of them, one said no, two are just spamming her.
  • Increasing demand for A/C in some of the rooms. A specific request from members using Classroom 1 who pay $75/mo to store their two cabinets in that room and then use the room 16 hours a month to make practice models for medical training. They asked if we could put a window A/C in that room for them to use. Paula wants to know if we could discuss possibly charging them to cover the cost of that use. They meet in the room again next week. They were going to work this evening but moved to another location because it’s too warm. This room had two window units before it was cleared and renovated. We have had some / a few classes in that room but not a lot.
    • Jai moves to put two a/c units back in Classroom 1 and we recoup the cost of operation with a donation from the group as well as a ‘tip jar’. Tom seconds. Six in favor, none against, David abstains, motion carries.
    • @DECISION: Board approves putting window A/Cs in Classroom 1

Upcoming Events

  • ReMakeICT Tuesday work nights at Booth
    • Every Tuesday from 6:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Maker Monday
    • 2nd and 4th Mondays
    • By reservation
  • Festival of the Arts Wichita
    • Saturday 6/19, Noon - 5 at Riverside Park
    • Setup at 10am

Decision Summary

    Task Summary