Classroom Reservation and Rental Policy

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Purpose Statement:  Classrooms are a valuable asset to our membership, providing space to work on projects, share skills, teach others, and generally accomplish our mission of learning and building community.  In addition to making these spaces available to our membership, and in alignment with our mission, it is our goal to make this space available to the community at large so like minded individuals and organizations who share in our mission can engage and build community with us.

  • Classrooms 101, 102, and 104 are available for reservation or rent to MakeICT members and non-members, not to exceed maximum occupancy.
  • Members may reserve rooms for meetings and gatherings with other members at no charge with 8 days advance notice.
  • Members may reserve rooms for meetings and gatherings with members and guests by paying a room rate of $5 per non-member for every hour of room reservation.  This fee is to be assessed before the room can be occupied and requires 8 days notice to the Classroom Management Committee.
  • Groups may apply to the Classroom Management Committee in advance to request adjustment of fees, and may petition the board of directors if the Classroom Management Committee declines.
  • Reservations for Rooms 101, 102, 104 which are open to the Membership and published to the Forum will be opted out of the $5 per non-member charge.
  • MakeICT Classroom Management Committee may rent rooms 101, 102, 104 to non-members for gatherings at a rate competitive to the standard in Wichita.  The combined total of all reservations to outside individuals or groups during any 7 day period shall not exceed 50% of the available prime hours between 5 pm - 10 pm.  Groups or Individuals outside the MakeICT community who wish to reserve space inside the building must:
    • Complete a room reservation form 14 days in advance of the rental which: outlines the MakeICT rules and regulations for their use of the space, waives all liability for MakeICT by the party renting the room(s) and designates a primary contact for the reservation.
    • Pay a deposit of 5% of their expected total bill for occupancy once their application for reservation has been approved, the deposit is nonrefundable if the party does not pay for occupancy during their requisitioned time, if the room is damaged, the party stays longer than their allotted time, or if the renter leaves the room dirty.
    • Pay for their room rental 4 days before occupancy
  • Room Reservations will be posted on the online room reservation calendar once they are confirmed as well as outside of each room on the day of use.
  • Room Reservations must be accommodated by the membership. If a room is reserved in accordance with this policy then the room is for the exclusive use of the renting party for the period they have reserved it.
  • Rooms which are not reserved are always available for the use of MakeICT members so long as their activity does not impinge on the rooms use by others.

Adopted by BOD 25 July 2020.